WalBell Investment Company Review: Is it scam or Legit

According to their website, the WalBell Alliance was founded in February 2016 after a merger of six different international countries birthed the formation of the company. The interest of this company is to provide a platform for people to trade in a safe environment and make profit.

About the Company

WalBell is one of the companies known in the online businesses that provide services in the area of investment, finance and business.

Before trading or dealing with any investment company or any online business, you are recommended to read and make a thorough research before doing any business with such company.

So, if you are a prospective Walbell client who is interested in the type of services offered by WalBell, you are advised to read this post to find out if the WalBell Investment Company is a scam or not.

WalBell Alliance is a world class investment and business company that deals in securities and provision of consultancy services, investment services, monetary services, advisory services and financial services in the capital market.

Some Benefits of Doing Business With the WalBell Investment Company

  1. They have a unique trading system.
  2. WalBell is made up of a team of professional traders
  3. They have an affiliate program that enables affiliate to make 8% interest from the transactions of their referrals
  4. Personal data and information are encrypted on the Walbell platform
  5. They do not charge their clients with hidden fees.
  6. They have a system that grants instant withdrawal to their clients.
  7. WalBell has an available and responsive customer service
  8. They also provide different methods of payments for their clients and customers

Reliability and Honesty

Walbell Investment company claims that they provide reliable, bankable and trusted services to their clients and customers. Well, this is something that we wont guarantee and agree because they company is yet to produce their license.

If the Walbell Investment company claims to be legitimate and sure of the services which they offer, then what is taking then time to produce their license?

Every company or business that offers services to people is meant to have a license that states if it it approved and regulated by the legal authorities. If this is not produced, then, the company is indirectly trying to prove that it is out to scam people and if you are not aware of this; you may be a victim.

Affiliate Program

WalBell has an affiliate program that gives equal opportunity for people to earn.

Wal Bell Alliance provides the opportunity for everyone to earn. Every affiliate is given an affiliate link to promote and  get investors.

As an affiliate of the WalBell affiliate program,  you are entitled to get 8% from the deposit of any investor which you referred or invited with your link.

Customer Support

The WalBell customer care support can be accessed 24 hours all through the 7 days of the week. WalBell customers are advised to contact the company by email on [email protected] or contact them on telephone on +1 (415) 851-2599.


In the sense that the WalBell Alliance Investment Company promises to help investors to trade with their deposit and give them monthly returns as profit, its s hard to believe that this is true because they have no proof.

In order for you to be free from scam, you are advised to stay off from the company because they built a reputation of dishonesty.