Wazobia Investment: Is it Genuine or Scam?

Wazobia Cash Investment has been trending on the internet over the past few months. Many see this program as a get rich quick scheme that can turn their life around. Wazobia Investment is an online platform that claims to help individuals make money online.
Wazobia Investment isn’t the first platform on the internet that claims to help people make money from their investment. However, programs like this are unpredictable and they sound too good to be true. Having seen the buzz generated about Wazobia Investment on the internet by social media users. So we decided to make a post of everything we learned about it.

In this post, we will be making a review of the Wazobia Investment program. After reading this post, you will know if Wazobia investment is genuine or another scam.

What is Wazobia Investment?
Wazobia Investment is a peer-to-peer investment platform created to help Nigerians earn money from the internet. It was launched in 2017, however, it received massive attention and hype on social media within the previous four months. According to the creators, the mission of the platform is to bring people together to support each other and improve their lives.

How Does Wazobia Cash Investment Work?
Wazobia investment isn’t a platform where you get paid to read news reports. Rather, it is an investment platform where members (investors) get 50% of their investment within 3 days and they get the full investment in 7 days.
Members who invest N10,000 will have to invest another N10,000 before they are paid the first N15,000. The members get a full return on all their investments in four rounds in the system.

Ten thousand naira (N10,000) is the minimum amount to invest in the platform. After registering, members are given a referral link to promote and attract prospective members. You get 10% of the initial investment of anyone who registers using your referral link. You will also receive 5% on the subsequent investment made by anyone who joins the platform with your referral link. You can become a guider on this platform if you’ve referred up to/more than 10 active members.

Other activities performed by members of Wazobia Investment include:

Making Video Testimonials: Users are required to make a video testimonial that will be uploaded and made public on Facebook and Instagram. Also, users will provide Wazobia Investment with the links to the video. The essence of the video testimonials is obvious – to promote and spread the word on the web.
Account Upgrade: Account Upgrade in this platform refers to increasing your investment after five weeks or after making 5 withdrawals.

Is Wazobia Investment Genuine or Scam?
Based on our findings and intelligence reports, Wazobia Investment is a scam. You may be shocked to see that we didn’t rate them as legit. Some people may have told you that Wazobia Investment is legit, and these people have shown you payment proof to convince you of the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the platform. However, these folks are only interested in getting you registered to get their referral bonuses.

First of all, the owners and creators of this platform are anonymous, no one knows their identity, names, office, location, etc. If the platform crashes, members will be clueless on how to trace, track, and contact the owners for compensation or outright return of their investments.
Another reason why Wazobia Investment is not reliable is that they aren’t trading any product or offering any service. The money they claim to pay as profits are investments of other members. It’s simply a ‘Rob Peter to Pay Paul’ system. It is not clear what the creator does with member’s funds, however, it is clear that the Wazobia Investment is a Ponzi scheme which will crash when there is a shortage of funds.

Wazobia Investment is not a reliable platform to earn money online. If you are serious about making money from the internet, try out forex and cryptocurrency trading. These options are better than leaving your money in the hands of nontransparent persons.