Where to get urgent Financial assistance in Nigeria

Getting access to adequate finance is a problem for most people: especially entrepreneurs and businessmen. The need for financial assistance has left people with no other alternative than to get loans.
Everyone needs finances to solve a problem or meet their immediate needs. The students and housewives are not left out, they will definitely need financial assistance at each point in their lives. Perhaps, if you urgently need money to travel, pay school fees, buy foodstuffs, make payment for goods, pay electricity bills etc, you will need a financial institution that will provide it for you fast.
Getting access to urgent loans in Nigeria can be a problem for most individuals. This is because most financial institution requires you to tender a form of collateral before you gain access to their loans. Unfortunately, not every individual can produce collateral to get a loan in Nigeria.

In this post, we will provide you with a list of the financial providers to get urgent financial assistance in Nigeria. Regardless of the loan purpose, you can get financial assistance from these lenders and payback within a given time frame.
1. Specta
Specta is a digital lending platform where you can get financial assistance quickly. Individuals can get access to loans from this platform within 5 minutes. Since Specta is an online loan company, they process their loan application online. Therefore, you do not have to visit any office, do paperwork and documentation or present a form of collateral before getting their loans. Specta provides you with finance for both personal and business needs.

2. Carbon
Carbon (formerly known as PayLater) is a loan organization that provides urgent and quick loans in Nigeria. Carbon is not a new platform, they’ve been around for over 4 years. You can get access to urgent loans to help you cover unexpected financial needs.
You can visit their website on getcarbo.co or download their mobile app for your device. Carbon requires your Bank Verification Number (BVN) to access your credit history and determine the best loan amount to give you. Their interest rates range from 5-15%, but this depends on the loan amount and repayment period.

3. FairMoney
Fairmoney provides urgent financial assistance to help you cater for unseen and unexpected financial expenses such as transport fare, medical bills, bill payments etc. Just like Carbon, this loan company requires your BVN to determine your creditworthiness.
Their interest rate ranges from 5 to 28% depending on the loan amount. You can get loans as low as N2,500 to N150,000 for a period of 4 to 26 weeks. FairMoney slashes your loan for you to pay at a reduced rate if you repay the loans before the repayment date.

KiaKia is an online moneylender that provides instant loans for Nigerian individuals and businesses. The company is based by Sterling Bank Plc, it provides loans from N50,000 with a friendly interest rate of 3.5% every month

Getting loans from commercial and microfinance banks will take time, and these institutions may not provide the loans for you quickly. If you are looking for where to get financial assistance in Nigeria, you can get it from digital loan companies and fintech businesses in Nigeria.