Zulubet Predictions: Review of this sport betting site in Nigeria

The name Zulubet may sound new to you, but if you are one of the constant sports bet punters in Nigeria, I guess you already know what Zulubet is and what they do. For the benefit of those who don’t, in this article I shall be telling you what you should know about Zulubet.

What is Zulubet?

Zulubet is one out of the many soccer prediction online websites we currently have in Nigeria. They specialize in providing daily sport predictions, sport picks and supposed outcome of soccer games from different soccer leagues and competitions including popular ones like the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga and more. The website platform is designed in a simple and easy to understand pattern. You will not get confused or have any issue with trying to figure out how the website works.

Zulubet is a well-known sports prediction website in Nigeria because since the website was launched, there has been a high percentage of most of their soccer predictions being accurate. Most of the people who follow Zulubet daily and stake betting games based on the predictions given on the Zulubet website usually attest to winning majority if not all of the bets. Zulubet takes their time to analyze sport games and then bring out the best tips and predictions for your advantage.

Does Zulubet charge for their Sport prediction services?

Now, thinking about how sports (Soccer in particular) betting has become a widely known and highly patronized money making platform in Nigeria, you would agree with me that majority of the sports prediction websites online normally charge users certain amount of money before giving them access to their predictions.

Contrary to that, Zulubet does not charge any one any amount for their soccer predictions, you get access to daily soccer predictions on the Zulubet website free of charge. I believe this is what gives Zulubet a little advantage over other sports prediction sites.

Aside from going to get free soccer predictions on the Zulubet website, you can also get access to soccer game odds. Clicking on any soccer game on the homepage will take you to another page where different odd types are being displayed.

How do I register on Zulubet?

On the Zulubet homepage, different soccer games with their respective predictions are being displayed. You do not need to register on the website or do some other thing of same nature. Just visit the website and you get access to expert sports predictions and picks.

Zulubet Contact

There is no contact for support or making inquires on the Zulubet website so you cannot reach the site administrators. As a matter of fact, the owner or owners of the Zulubet website are anonymous, we do not know them.


Nigerian punters, if you need good soccer predictions and tips website to aid you in placing your bets, Zulubet is recommended and who knows, you could be the next person to testify about the website. Though, there is no 100% correct prediction sites as the outcomes of sports game are mainly based on luck.