12 Reasons to trade Cryptocurrency at Binance.com Exchange

In the last few months of the year 2017, popular cryptocurrency exchange, binance.com grew to become one of the biggest crypto trading platform. Nowadays, the company is among the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with daily trading volume of 2 billion US Dollars according to coinmarketcap data.

This purpose of this article is to give prospective cryptocurrency traders and investors 12 reasons why they should chose binance.com as their preferred cryptocurrency trading exchange.

  1. Binance has its mobile app for IOS and Android. This gives you the freedom to trade your favorite cryptos on the move. You can download the app from their respective stores.
  2. Binance regularly offer lots of giveaways, freebies, gifts promos and competition to their loyal customers and fans worldwide. You would do yourself a lot of good by registering on binance in order to enjoy these giveaways.
  3. Binance ensures distribution of airdrops to all binance users that holds the coins or tokens for that particular airdrop. Binance has a strict listing review process for any token airdrop as the company would not support any airdrop whose Project Team refuses to transfer airdrop amounts to binance users.
  4. Binance provides good account security to users. Ensure you enable Google 2 Factor Authentication on your account before making deposits or withdrawals.
  5. Unlike other exchanges, binance does not require account verification before you can make deposits or withdrawals. In fact, unverified binance account can withdraw up to 2BTC per day.
  6. Binance supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies and continue to list new coins and tokens to the platform for traders to trade. They regularly conduct polls and surveys to know what coin or token users want to be added to the platform.
  7. Binance look out for promising ICOs, then further list new tokens in order for traders to purchase cheap coins to make big profit in the future.
  8. Binance accepts account registration from all countries of the world unlike some exchanges that do not accept customers from particular countries.
  9. Binance Fees are as low as 0.10%. Users can get a 50% reduction in fees if they hold binance coin BNB.
  10. Binance website is simple, fast and user friendly. New users can quickly create their account profile and start trading on the website.
  11. Binance intends to use their company profits to buy back a portion of her coin (BNB) every quarter and destroy them. Doing this would decrease the supply and make BNB more valuable for holders. A good reason to join binance and hold a portion of BNB.
  12. Binance has an excellent customer support where all customers questions and complaints are answered promptly. They also provide a FAQ page where users can see answers to common questions and inquires they may have.


Binance has become one of the simplest and easiest cryptocurrency exchange to trade on. It’s also my favourite trading platform with a basic interface.

The company, founded in 2017 is still new among traders, but they are set to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. Binance may likely suspend new customer registration at some point again just as they did around late 2017, so I recommend you register a Binance account even if you don’t plan to start trading with them now. So you don’t get locked out in the future.

Interested in signing up with binance? click here