Skye Bank Internet Banking Overview

Internet banking as the name suggests means banking online through internet enabled devices like phones and computer. It is a simple and easy means of making e-payments across the internet. Consequently, it enables bank customers make their financial transactions through the website of the bank or through the banks mobile app.

Internet banking is also referred to as online banking, and is very different from the usual mobile banking that focuses on USSD codes on the phone.

Thanks to the emergence of online banking, customers of banks now have the opportunity to handle most of their banking needs online and on the go without visiting the bank itself. In other words, the bank itself is brought to you through internet banking.

It is in line with this trend that Skye Bank adopted internet banking, to aid it’s banking services.


As stated above, Skye Bank did not just decide to start online banking. A lot of reasons were behind it, and they include the following :

– To aid internet savvy customers who do not want to enter a bank hall every time execute some of their financial transactions.

-To make transactions easy and simple.

– Decongestion of the banking hall.

– To facilitate banking services globally.

– To enable it’s teeming customers have access to variety of services on the go.

– To save time, energy and resources.

– To improve banking efficiency in accordance with standard global practice.

– 24/7 banking, including public holidays.

– To make customers be in charge of their account activities.

– To allow customers avoid planning their days around banking hours.


– Allows customers transfer and make payments and transfer both within the bank and outside the bank.

– Enables customers initiate and execute international funds transfer

– Enables customers to set standing instructions

– Enables customers pay bills like internet subscription, cable TV, Utility bills, Transport fares and Toll, buy Airtime, etc.

– Gives customers opportunity to request for cheque books online.

– Allows customers block their lost or stolen cards, etc.


There are two ways to register. The first is by online registration. Follow the below procedure to register at the comfort of your home.

1) To sign up or register for the Skye Bank internet banking, visit:

2) click the “internet banking” icon.

3) In the next page that opens,  click on “New user? Register here” just below the login box.

4) In the next page, you will see “Internet Banking Sign Up ” boldly written at the top.  Fill in your details and follow the prompt to complete your registration.

The second way is by entering or visiting your local branch to request for E-services Request Form. Fill and submit the form accordingly.

N:B- note that to activate your account online most of the time, you are required to obtain a token from your bank which costs a fixed amount and will be deducted from your bank account. The token enables you  transfer funds and do all your online banking services.

For more on tokens, visit the banks branch closest to you.