20+ Hot and Fast Selling Products in Nigeria (ecommerce)

E-commerce can be defined as online buying and selling of goods and services.

Of course, we would rather order products from the comforts of our homes than go out to markets or shops in search. There’s also enough time to make your choices and shop as long as you want without getting tired. We have become so digitalized with more Nigerians gaining access to browsing phones. Literally everything can be achieved with the use of the internet.

Nigeria has one of the biggest internet economies in Africa, with a lot of e-commerce websites. Some common ones are Jumia Nigeria, Konga, Jiji. ng, alibaba.com, AliExpress, and slot.ng.

With the growth of e-commerce in Nigeria, a business person should know the products in high demand to gain enough profits.

Below are some hot and fast-selling products online in Nigeria;

1. Phones:

Smartphones are the most wanted products in the online market. They have a lot of useful features that improve lifestyle. Phones get old and develop issues within two years of use. Also, with new or improved features being introduced, we want to upgrade to enjoy these features so we buy new phones. This places mobile phones in high demand.

2. Phone accessories:

These include airpods, earpieces, memory cards, smart watches, phone pouches and chargers, bluetooth speakers, power banks, etc. These accessories provide better experiences with phones so they will definitely be the second on the list as smartphone users need them.

3. Fashion accessories:

They include wrist watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, cologne, perfumes, hair wigs, extensions, etc. These items beautiful the way we look and we always want to look good so they will definitely be in high demand. 

4. Women’s clothing:

Next on the list is women’s clothing. Beauty is very important to women and apart from the need to buy new ones regularly, not many women can overlook good-looking clothes. So, yes, women’s clothes are fast selling.

5. Video games:

Children and young adults love to play video games for fun, whether alone at home or with friends. And they are always looking for new games to play. This makes this product fast selling.

6. Groceries:

Food is essential in our day-to-day lives. An opportunity to buy foodstuff from the comfort of our homes is an opportunity that can’t be passed easily. People buy food from online markets rather than go to supermarkets or malls to search for them.

7. Cosmetics:

Lipstick, nail polish, powder, foundation, and other cosmetic products are fast selling as they are beauty products.

8. Computers:

Computers like desktops, tablets, laptops, notebooks, etc are needed to learn skills or work. In this digital era, computers are important to make tasks easier and faster.

9. Computer accessories:

Computer accessories include keyboards, mouses, laptop chargers, modems, flash drives, etc. These accessories are necessary for the effective use of computers so they are usually bought alongside computers.

10. Furniture and fitting products:

Moving into a new place or just changing designs requires new furniture and house fittings. Sofas, side stools, doormats, mattresses, pillows, curtains, wallpapers, etc are things people buy a lot, either replacing old ones or adding newly.

11. Television:

Apart from the beauty it adds, televisions entertain and keep you updated. It is an essential product that completes the appearance of a sitting room, office, or other place.

12. Generators:

Due to the unstable and unreliable nature of electricity in Nigeria, most people resort to generators. Homes, businesses, and churches need generators in case of power failure so this product is fast selling.

13. Baby products:

Babies are born every day and these babies have needs; clothes, toys, blankets, diapers, food, carriers, etc. These products are mostly shopped online nowadays because the expecting mother or nursing mother can sit in the comfort of her house and choose items she wants to buy.

14. Health and fitness products:

Health and fitness products like workout tools or herbal teas and supplements improve strength, balance, energy, flexibility, and sleep. Some of them help in weight loss or weight gain. Health is paramount and health-related products are bought more often than you think.

15. Kitchen equipment:

These include vegetable cutters, blenders, ovens, refrigerators, cookers, utensils, plates, pots, pans, etc. As much as food is essential, kitchen equipments are essential.

16. Books:

A lot of people read to either gain knowledge or be entertained. Books are in high demand as people are always buying new books.

17. Home theatre:

Nigerians do not joke around with fun. With all the stress and frustration, a sound system can help in relieving stress. Loud music serves as a kind of mood elevator for a lot of people.

18. Car accessories:

Car accessories like car phone holders, car seat covers, floor mats, dash cam, car air freshener, etc enhance the appearance, safety, and performance of the vehicles. They also add comfort so they are in demand by car owners. 

19. Shoes:

Male or female, shoes are products that are bought often. Ranging from slippers and sandals to canvas and cover shoes.

20. Digital cameras:

Photography is a common skill and hobby among young people. Digital cameras allow users to capture high-quality images quickly and easily while also offering amazing features like zoom capability, adjustable settings, and storing capability.

21. Electric Fans:

Electric fans provide comfort during hot days. They keep the temperature comfortable and circulate air in a room, almost impossible to do without.

22. Electric cookers and kettles:

Electric cookers and kettles are safer than other cooking means as they are designed to prevent fires and explosions. They also use less energy and are easier to maintain. This makes them a great choice and wanted in households.

23. Security gadgets:

Alarms, CCTV cameras, bad wires, fence wires, etc provide a sense of protection so they will always be bought in an attempt to secure lives and properties.


The number of online shoppers in Nigeria is growing rapidly. Selling products online gives you a larger audience and it even costs less than owning physical shops. With this list of desirable and fast-selling products, you can pick one suitable for you and start making rapid sales online.