Lucrative Businesses & Side Hustles you can start with 100k in Nigeria

Having a side hustle in Nigeria is of great advantage. With the current state of the country, inflation, and constant depreciation in the value of the naira, it is wise to have an extra source of income to cover all your financial needs. Running a business also allows you to save and invest despite the economic situation.

Due to the high unemployment rate, many Nigerians are jobless and stranded. Starting your own business is a great way to escape the situation. You can even end up making more than most people with white-collar jobs.

Being self-employed permits you to work at your own pace. It is also very convenient for those with certain conditions like old age, no educational qualifications, and medical conditions which may not allow them to have proper jobs.

As a student, having a side hustle provides your own money for your personal needs as well as school needs like fees, dues, textbooks, and materials. You can also save for the future. The majority of people in the country do not have the jobs they planned on having after graduation so even if you don’t get that high-paying job you desire, you can still take care of your financial needs with your side hustle.

Here are some ideas for lucrative businesses & side hustles you can start with not more than 100k in Nigeria;


Point of sales (POS) serves as a banking alternative. The system handles transactions such as transfers, withdrawals, deposits, airtime and data purchase, and payment of bills. You make money through charges for these transactions. You can obtain a POS machine from any bank. Make sure to situate your POS business in a secure place because you will be dealing with a lot of cash daily.


Hairdressing is one of the most highly profitable businesses because it makes use of skills and does not require much. This business is in high demand as we all need hair stylists, male or female. You need to first learn in order to start this business.  Then you can rent a shop and get the necessary equipment/materials, including a generator, in case of power failure.


Many people find it difficult to cook meals for themselves, either due to a busy schedule or fatigue. This category of people resort to food vendors. The most important quality for this business is good cooking skills. Also, get a shop in a good location where you can have many customers.

You can do food vending online too. Just cook in the comfort of your house and all you need is an easy means of transportation for deliveries. Alternatively, you can get a food cart with an umbrella for mobile food vending.


Also due to busy schedules and stress, people patronize services like laundry. Laundry business does not necessarily require much. All you basically need is an iron and a generator in case of power failure. You can even start at home. Then subsequently, get a shop and buy washing machines. Laundry service requires honesty and efficiency. You should be able to deliver customers’ clothes on time and without harm.


With the unstable and unreliable electricity situation in Nigeria, phones and gadgets charging is a good business to start. You can charge at least N100 per phone and higher for other gadgets. All you need to begin is a small generator, an electric socket board with multiple sockets, chargers, and desktops, and a secured stall/container.


Clothing is a basic requirement in life. We buy new clothes often, sometimes just because they are appealing. This makes cloth selling a lucrative business, and it does not even require a lot of capital. You can buy clothes from popular clothes markets like Onitsha and Aba markets at very low prices and resell them at your own price. These clothes can range from tops, gowns, trousers, and jeans, to underwear. You do not need a shop for this business. Just advertise the clothes through social media platforms to the right audience. Also, make sure your customers are satisfied so that they keep patronizing you and even refer their friends and family members to you.


We are now in a digital era where everything is on the internet. Buying data is certain because we all want to stay informed and up to date with the latest, and also follow entertainment on different social media. All you have to do to start is buy data in bulk from telecommunication companies or VTU platforms at a cheap price, then resell it to customers at your price to make profit. Data reselling requires advertisement and good connections like referrals as you will need many buyers. 


Fashion designing is another business in high demand as people always need new clothes for occasions. All you have to do is learn how to sew and design clothes and then you can get your own machine and start your business. You can start at home, then eventually, get a shop.


Making and selling snacks like egg rolls, pies, doughnuts, and even shawarma is a very productive business these days as many young people would patronize you. You first have to learn how to make the snacks, either a variety or just one. Then get the required equipments and a spot at a good location like next to a school, shopping plaza, hotel, or anywhere people can easily stop and buy. As long as you are good at what you make, you will generate huge profits monthly.


These include copywriting, graphic design, blogging, video editing, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency trading, digital marketing, etc. These skills provide income from jobs offered by clients. You can pay for classes to learn and then start doing jobs. A good platform to find digital jobs and make money is Fiverr.


There are several business ideas with a capital of not more than N100,000 and the ability to earn outstanding profits. You just have to find the one best suited for you. Also, be patient and committed, keeping to business ethics, so that your business can flourish. Once your business starts prospering, you will gain financial freedom.