A Beginners’ Tutorial on Futures Trading Using BingX Crypto Exchange Platform

I did a video tutorial that introduces and explains the basic concepts of crypto futures trading for beginners and newbies to the world of crypto trading and derivatives.

Futures trading is one lucrative and attractive form of trading crypto derivatives that allows a trader to use small amounts (margin) to trade with a big volume or size. In futures trading, it is possible to use a margin of 10USD or 20USD and turn it to 1000USD or higher. Making these kinds of big profits is possible with the help of leverages.

Using Leverages in futures trading is advantageous and equally risky. Leverages are like multipliers that can magnify the profits or losses you make from your futures trade. Do not use high leverages as a beginner, trading futures.

In the tutorial, the crypto exchange platform I used is called BingX exchange, an exciting and easy to use trading platform. BingX is a fast rising crypto exchange, established in 2018.

BingX is a social trading platform where traders can copy the trades of other successful crypto traders on the platform. This is most suitable for busy investors or others that may not have the time to watch and monitor their trades. With copy trading, a trader makes profits when the person he is copying make a profit from his/her trades, while also makes a loss if the copied traders makes a loss from his trade.

BingX is now ranked among the top 50 crypto exchanges listed on coinmarketcap based on trading volume, the company holds business licenses from various countries and territories of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Australia and the European Union.

BingX offers series of bonuses and trial funds for new users which can be used to trade on the spot or futures market, simply create an account, deposit and claim your first bonus.

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You can watch the video tutorial above to learn about futures trading; if you have any questions, please drop them in the comment section while I provide relevant answers.