Review of Xend Finance: A Nigerian – African crypto bank

Xend Finance is a global blockchain banking application founded in 2020 by Ugochukwu Aronu, an electronics engineering graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. The platform was launched in March, 2021 by Ugochukwu Aronu. The user base of the platform surged from 10,000 to over 50,000 in less than 6 months because of the unique services offered. Xend Finance provides crypto banking services directed at helping people save in stable currencies. Users can convert their local currencies and save in USD while gaining unbeatable interest. With this, investors, cooperatives, credit unions, and individuals do not have to be bothered about currency devaluation.


Xend finance allows its users to save in dollars while earning 15% annual interests. It specializes in Fintech, e-commerce, and payments. Individuals can buy and store cryptocurrencies with Xend Finance. Xend Finance makes available business tools for small businesses such as managing inventory, organizing business reports, and making payments. The platform supports a range of digital asset types, including stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and tokens. Xend Finance also provides a range of tools and services to help users maximize their yields.

The platform operates two(2) saving plans; fixed saving plan and flexible saving plan.

With fixed saving plan, users deposit a fixed amount regularly and can lock their accounts for a period of time, during which they cannot withdraw from the plan until the fixed maturation date. In addition to the 15% annual interest, the users earn Xend tokens which can be traded on major crypto exchanges. Users can earn up to 70% interest in form of xend tokens, depending on the amount saved and the duration. This plan is best for setting goals and future plans. Could be building a house, getting into college, or even starting a business.

The flexible saving plan allows users to deposit any amount and withdraw at any time while earning daily interests. Imagine funding your account and withdrawing whenever you want but still earning daily interests. Exciting, right?


1. Referral bonuses

Xend finance gives a $2 referral bonus for each new user that signs up using your referral code/link. The new user also gets $1 as a welcome bonus to start the saving experience.

2. Xend Mobile app

Xend mobile apps are easy to access and convenient. You can deposit, receive, send, withdraw, and even trade anytime and anywhere. Xend mobile app is available on all iOS and Android.

2. Easy loans

The platform also gives access to loans with flexible terms and payments.

3. Xend launchpad

Xend launchpad provides you with the right audience and resources for your startup project. You can gain visibility and attract investors and partners you need to succeed.

4. Auto Yield

This is an automated yield optimization tool that searches numerous chains for the best yields to ensure high returns on your investments. It uses machine learning algorithms to optimize bids and budgets to maximize return on investment (ROI). The tool also provides insights into customer behavior and campaign performance to help advertisers make better decisions.

5. XEND Staking

This feature allows you to stake your XEND tokens on several platforms to receive rewards. The rewards are distributed based on the amount of tokens staked and the length of time they are staked for. Staking rewards are distributed in Xend tokens and are paid out regularly. The more tokens staked, the higher the rewards earned.

6. Switch Wallet

This feature allows developers to create and manage wallets for their users.

7. XEND Bridge

Xend bridge is a software platform that enables businesses to connect their existing applications to cloud-based services and data sources. It provides an easy-to-use interface for connecting applications, services, and data, allowing businesses to quickly and securely integrate cloud-based solutions into their existing IT infrastructure.


To register on the Xend Finance Mobile App, below are the steps to follow:

1. Xend Finance App can be downloaded on Google Playstore for Android or the Apps store for IOS.

2. Open the app and click ‘Get started’

3. Fill in your details on the registration form provided and click ‘register’.

3. Verify your email address

4. Create a username for yourself and continue. You will be notified of successful account creation. 

5. To verify your account, select “Complete KYC” from the home page.

6. Fill in the form. An identity card and a selfie are also required to complete the process.

Fund your wallet by making a deposit using your local currency.

The steps to fund your digital wallet are simple;

1. Open the Xend Finance Mobile App

2. Tap on ‘Add Money’

3. Select a method to fund your digital wallet.

Your deposit will automatically reflect on your Xend wallet.

Easy, right?


– It provides understandable options to save your money as well as invest and gain huge profits.

– It is easy and stress-free. The sign-up process is quick and you can immediately fund your account and start saving.

– Xend finance has the best interest rate, offering a 15% interest rate annually.

– You do not need to be an expert on crypto or blockchain, you also do not need to take risks.

– Xend finance does not set restrictions on daily transaction limits. You can make as many transactions as you want daily.


Being Africa’s first crypto banking app and with all these advantages, you may have your doubts but here is why you can trust Xend finance.

– Information about Xend Finance is not hidden; the founders, launch date, and progress made.

– There has been no record of hacking since launch.

– The platform has been audited by Certik and other auditing platforms.

– Users can insure their funds against loss with Tidal finance.

– The platform has been featured on TechCrunch, Decrypt, and Coindesk.

– The platform is backed by Binance and google launchpad.


With the constant depreciation of the Nigerian Naira, it is a good idea to protect your funds from inflation with Xend Finance. The financial technology platform tackles the problem of inflation and devaluation of local currencies. It allows it’s users to save money in BUSD, a stable currency, while earning interests. It also allows users to trade crypto currencies, while ensuring that they gain interests. This way individuals, investors and corporations will not be at loss due to currency devaluation.

From this review, Xend Finance is one of the best digital banking platforms in Nigeria and the African continent at large.