Baba Ijebu Lotto Online Play: Review

Baba Ijebu is one of the oldest games in Nigeria. Having existed in the 1970’s, it has acclaimed a position as the biggest lotto in the country. A lot of Nigerians have played the game in hope that they will win and make some cash, while some other people haven’t played it due to lack of interest or due to inexperience and lack of knowledge on how it is played.

A person who plays the Baba Ijebu lotto will understand a street slang like “baba must play”. In this article, you will know about the popular baba ijebu lotto in Nigeria.

Baba Ijebu Lotto Game

A lot of Nigerians have been able to play the game and make fortunes through the Baba Ijebu lotto. Initially, in its inception in the 1970’s, it was known as “baba ijebu” but the name has been changed and it is now called Premier Lotto. However, due to it’s first name which has become popular, a lot of people now prefer calling it Baba Ijebu.

Just as mentioned above, a lot of Nigerians have tested their luck by playing the game, some have been successful, while some haven’t. All that is needed is to try and guess certain numbers, if your selected number comes out, you become a winner and get to win some cash. You can try different strategies such as forcasting the previous predictions, guessing numbers, learning the rules of the game, knowing the right time to stake your money on it and also getting to tryout different options such as staking twice.

Baba Ijebu Shops

The Baba Ijebu or Premier Lotto have shop and outlets almost in every street, community or state in Nigeria. You can play the game in shops near you. All you need to do is to get some cash, predict some numbers, hand it to the cashier and stake your bet, you might be lucky.

How To Play Baba Ijebu Lotto

There are many opportunities which awaits members when they play the game, Examples are NAP 2 to NAP 5. In NAP 2, you choose 2 numbers from number 1 to 90. If you get to win the 2 numbers correct, it means that your stake will be multiplied by 240. For Example, if you stake N100, your outcome will be N24,000. In this case, the risk is low but it has a payout.

The second option is NAP 3, you choose 3 numbers from number 1 to 99, for you to win, your 3 numbers must be drawn and your stake will be multiplied by 2,100.

In NAP 4, you choose 4 numbers from a pool of 1 to 99, if all 4 numbers are correct, your outcome is multiplied by 6,000 times.

NAP 5 is the biggest of all, you choose 5 numbers in a pool of numbers from 1 to 99. If all five numbers are correct, your stake is multiplied by 44,000 times.


Winners are expected to claim their funds in a period of 7 days and payments are payed by cashier and staff at designated premier lotto centres.


  • There is no limit to how much to stake as players can stake any amount to play the game
  • The results of the drawings are broadcasted live
  • It can be played online
  • It is not illegal as they work according with the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria


  • International players cannot play the game
  • The 7 days given for winners to claim their earnings is short
  • Newbies and new players find it hard to understand the game
  • If your stake is small, your payout is small


Baba Ijebu is a nice lotto to try out, if you haven’t played it before and you want to play it, we advise that you learn the rudiments of the game so as not to loose your money.