Barclays Stockbrokers Nigeria Limited overview

Barclays Stockbrokers (Now Barclays Smart Investor) is a UK based online stock brokering platform established in 1986 as a part of the Barclays Bank Group. Using Barclays Stockbrokers online service, you get to have access to numerous investments opportunities.

Barclays Stockbroker Trading Platform

Barclays stockbroker offers a user friendly and easy to use online platform with all the trading tools needed. However, the trading platform is only available for web, there is no mobile or desktop platform. This is one of the major issues traders using the Barclays Stockbrokers platform do complain about.

Barclays Stockbrokers Nigeria Limited

Barclays Stockbrokers Nigeria Limited no longer functions with that name. When Barclays Plc, UK reduced its share holding in the Barclays Africa Group to about 14.9%, significant changes were made in the company, and a change of name was among such changes made. The name was changed from Barclays Africa Group Limited to Absa Group Limited, this is why currently in Nigeria, the Barclays stockbroker platform is not functioning, instead we have Absa Group Limited. In Nigeria, the company (Barclays Stockbroker) was registered on the 27th of February, 2018 and has its headquarters at Ikoyi, Lagos State, the change of name was carried out about the month of July, 2018. Absa Group Limited is currently operating in over 12 countries in Africa. You can access their website here

How to open an Absa Stockbroking Account

If you want to open a stockbroking account with Absa Group Limited, it’s simple;

Absa Stockbroker Account Types

Absa Stockbroker features four main trading account types which includes;

Tax-Free Savings Account

  1. Exchange Traded Funds Account
  2. Smart Account (Equities and ETFs)
  3. World Trader Account

These accounts all have different individual features.

Absa Group Support

Absa Group Limited has a support page where you have access to different support numbers and Email address you can reach out to for various complaints.

In conclusion, Absa Stockbrokers (Former Barclays Stockbroker Nigeria Limited) is a standard stock broking platform. You can make use of it if you need a reliable and modern stock broker as the Absa Stock Brokers gives you freedom with buying and selling of shares on their stock broking platform. The Absa stock broker platform also provides you with tips and advice, so you can make more out of your investments. However, note that you cannot buy part shares on the platform, you have to buy whole shares.