How to send money from Ghana to Nigeria

Before this very time, sending money from Ghana to Nigeria used to be a herculean task as Ghanaian citizens and residents face difficulties in sending money to people in Nigeria. Due to territorial boundary issues and difference in the currencies used, it is becoming difficult for Ghanaian’s to send money across to people in Nigeria. For Ghanaian’s to send money into Nigeria, their local currency which is the “Ghanaian Cedi” would be converted and changed into the currency used by Nigerians which is the “Nigerian Naira”. In this post, you will get an idea on how you can send and transfer money from Ghana straight to the Nigerian bank account; with this guide, you can put your mind to rest as it will keep you informed about the procedures, processes and alternatives on how you can send the money without stress.

Sending money from Ghana to Nigeria does not warrant any Ghanaian to travel from Ghana to Nigeria to make a deposit in the receiver’s bank account. Rather, there is a conventional way of making such transaction online.

  1. Guaranty Trust Bank International Money Transfer Service (GTMT)

The Guaranty Trust Bank International Money Transfer Service (GTMT) is an initiative of the Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) which covers the West Africa sub-region and enables customers and non-customers of the GT bank to receive and transfer money speedily. The GTMT service is totally fast, reliable and secure for people to send money across from Ghana to Nigeria.

Even if you are not a customer or if you d not have an account with the bank, you can walk into any of its branches in Ghana with cash and send money to Nigeria within minutes and you (the sender) would be given a PIN code for which the receiver would use in collecting the money you transferred to him.

GT Bank is an international bank which has its branches scattered over Ghana, The Gambia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Liberia; this is why they remain a good payment method for transfer of money and funds from Ghana to Nigeria.

  1. MoneyGram International Money Transfer

With the MoneyGram International Money Transfer system, you can send money to Ghana and other countries of the world within minutes. There are thousands of MoneyGram agents in Ghana; you can send money from any agent location directly into the account of the receiver.

Bank deposit is also available through this payment option as it would help you to send money directly into the receiver’s Nigerian bank account.

Before you can send money to Ghana, you will bring an I.D card upon your visit to the MoneyGram agent. You will also bring the I.D of your recipient/receiver with their location. Also, the amount you wish to transfer and the transfer fee. Note that you will need to provide the bank name and account of the receiver if you want to send directly into the bank account of the receiver.

In conclusion, note that there are many exchange and transfer companies that will offer the service of sending money across countries. This is why you should be careful before entrusting your money in the hands of any individual or company. Ensure that you check the latest exchange rates, transfer fees, agent fees or commissions, transfer speed and transfer limits before you can use the services of any individual or company sending your money from Ghana to Nigeria.