Best and Cheapest Bulk SMS Providers in Nigeria

Bulk SMS providers are companies that provide SMS services that allow business owners to send messages to large groups of people at once. You can send promotional messages, promo notifications, updates, and other types of messages to your customers. They also offer a variety of features such as message scheduling, delivery reports, custom sender IDs, the ability to create and manage contact lists, customize messages, and track delivery rates. Additionally, they provide support for multiple languages and countries.

This service makes marketing easier as messages are delivered directly to the text message inbox of your customers.

Advantages of using Bulk SMS Providers;

– You can reach a wider audience as you are able to send messages to multiple phone numbers at the same time.

– The messages can be automated so that they send on their own on a regular basis.

– Bulk SMS Providers are affordable for businesses of all sizes.

– They increase customer engagement in your business.

– This service is reliable and secure.

There are a lot of bulk SMS providers in Nigeria. They all offer the same services but differ in prices and some unique features.

Here’s a list of the best and cheapest bulk SMS providers;


Nigeria Bulk SMS is the most used bulk SMS provider in Nigeria with over 12 years in service. They offer a variety of special features and services to their customers. These include customized sender ID, delivery report, message history, SMS scheduling, voice SMS, etc. They have a starting price of N1.70 and operate an online SMS credit purchase system. Nigeria Bulk SMS has fast delivery, non-expirable SMS units, excellent customer service, and can deliver messages to several countries and over many networks across the world. They even have a reseller program that allows you to sell SMS credits on your own site.


BulkSMSNigeria allows you to send SMS in bulk to all the networks in Nigeria, and many more around the world. They offer both free and paid services. When you sign in, you receive a bonus of 50 bulk SMS units. BulkSMSNigeria gives you real-time delivery reports on your messages. They can also deliver messages to numbers on “Do not Disturb”.

3. SMS LIVE 247

SMS LIVE 247 allows you to send messages one SMS per unit, at a price of N1.35 per unit. You can easily send large amounts of SMS to all the networks in Nigeria, as well as outside the country. Bulk messages can also be sent as emails. SMS Live 247 supports any phone type.


SMSKernel offers a signup bonus of 5 SMS units. You can use the bonus to check out their services before you purchase more SMS units. The price is N1.00 per SMS unit. You can place your order and make payment with your credit card. There is also an affordable reseller program where you can sell SMS credits.

5. GOLD SMS 247

Gold SMS 247 has a fast connection speed and a user-friendly interface with commendable customer service. It allows you to send multiple messages at once at the rate of 72kobos per SMS.

6. 85KOBO.COM is one of the cheapest bulk SMS providers with a monthly subscription as low as N300. The site offers free SMS test units to test their service and also makes refunds on SMS that are not delivered. You can perform other activities with this website, like payment of bills and airtime or data purchases.


Padisoft offers a reliable bulk SMS provider. You can send messages locally and internationally with fast and efficient deliveries. The price is 90 Kobo per SMS unit. You can make payments with cash deposits, transfers, or online payments. Padisoft also offers free SMS reseller program.


XWireless.Net offers text message bulk delivery, bulk SMS service, and bulk email service at a very low monthly price and no minimum order is required. The platform supports sending SMS from an excel sheet that contains messages and phone numbers. The price of SMS units on this site is N0.89 per SMS.

9. MYSMSLIVE247.COM allows its users to send multiple SMSs without fear of being slowed down. It offers a wide range of messaging services, including SMS, MMS, text, and even voice messages, as well as features like asynchronous messaging. The website is secure, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. You can easily import contacts from excel, outlook, and CSV files. also offers free plans with a high level of flexibility and customization.


The price is 97kobo per unit if you are buying between 500 to 999 units. SMS Mobile 24 allows you to send bulk SMS at N1.3 units per SMS to 9mobile and 1.8 units per SMS to Airtel, MTN, and Glo. There is a VIP membership offer with a subscription fee of N2500. You only have to make the payment once. The VIP membership allows you to buy SMS units at 85kobo per unit for 500 units and above.

To start using bulk SMS services, there are a few steps to follow;

1. Choose a bulk SMS provider with features that meet your needs.

2. Create an account. Make sure to provide all the required information such as your name, business name, and contact information.

3. Upload your contacts to the platform.

4. Compose your message using the provider’s platform. There are customizable templates and message personalization on most of the platforms.

5. Once your message is ready, send it to your contacts. Your provider will handle the message delivery and give you the delivery reports.


The internet keeps introducing better ways to run businesses. You can now promote your business and keep customers updated with digital means like bulk SMS providers. This marketing technique is best if your targeted audience are young people as most people always have their phones in their hands and prefer doing things digitally.