How to Convert Airtime to Cash in Nigeria

While recharging from your bank, making a mistake like adding an extra zero can make you buy N15,000 airtime instead of N1500. Situations like this can be very frustrating because you definitely would not want to use all that money as airtime. Other times, you just regret recharging the amount that you did and you wish to get your money back. You could have also received airtime as a gift or reward, or you won an airtime giveaway and you wish to have the cash in your bank account instead. The good news is that you can convert your airtime in any network to cash.

Converting airtime to cash is usually through an exchange, sending the airtime and receiving cash instead. This prevents wastage and you can use the money for whatever else you want. Although you might not get 100% of the money back, it’s still worth it.


There are a few ways to convert your airtime to cash in Nigeria;

1. Sell to Individuals:

With the help of social media, you can find buyers for the airtime by just posting the offer on your timeline, in groups, or uploading it on your status. People always need airtime so you will find buyers.

2. Exchange with POS agents:

You can convert your airtime to cash at money outlets. All you have to do is show the receipt or voucher for the airtime then they will buy it from you.

3. Use Websites Or Apps:

There are several websites and applications where you can convert your airtime to cash. This is the most reliable means as you may not get enough individual buyers in case of big amounts or find nearby POS agents to sell to. These platforms allow you to comfortably and safely exchange your airtime for cash that will be quickly sent to your bank account. The process typically involves signing up, sending the airtime, and then receiving the cash in your bank account or through mobile transfer.

Below is a list of trusted and reliable platforms for you.

– GoSub:

GoSub is a website that allows you to quickly convert your airtime to cash. Once you’ve sent your airtime, you will receive your payment. The website takes pride in its speed. It is also easy to use and has active customer support ready to assist you. The payment rates are 81% for MTN, 55% for Glo, 60% for airtel, and 61% for 9mobile. Additionally, you can buy data and pay bills with this website.

– Airtimeflip:

Airtimeflip is another good platform for converting airtime to cash. Transactions on this platform are automated. They convert airtime for all networks but is most favourable for MTN network, charging only 19% commission for MTN airtime. Airtimeflip operates both a website and an application. It is secure and easy to use with 24/7 customer support. They also provide features for airtime top-up, data purchase, and bill payment.

– Aimtoget:

Aimtoget is another mobile application for converting your airtime to cash. When you exchange with Aimtoget, you receive 75% while they take 25% commission. You can also purchase data and airtime, send and receive money, and pay bills using this platform. You can also make payments with airtime on the Aimtoget website.

– Zoranga:

Zoranga is a mobile money service that also converts airtime to cash. The platform charges a 30% commission. Zoranga has both website and an application, simple and easy to use. You can also make payments to businesses and donate to charities on Zoranga as they support these services.

– Recharge2cash:

Recharge2cash is an application that allows users to flip their airtime to cash. They buy airtime in large quantities and pay instantly. Converting airtime to cash on this app is easy and the application is user-friendly as well. Recharge2cash offers discounts when you buy data from them.

– Cheetahpay:

Cheetahpay is a platform that allows you to change your airtime to cash without necessarily signing up. Whether on the app or website, you just have to provide your details and get paid. You can fund with an airtime transfer or recharge card pin. The cash will be transferred to your bank account with only 20% service charge. You can also buy data bundles and pay bills on this platform.

– iPayAirtime:

This platform allows you to easily convert your airtime to cash. Businesses can receive payments with airtime using this platform so individuals can make payments with airtime. There is no registration fee but iPayAirtime charges an 18% deposit cost for MTN airtime. Using the iPayAirtime app is more convenient and easy to use than the website.


With websites and apps that you can conveniently convert airtime to cash, you no longer have to panic when you mistakenly buy airtime more than you intended to or worry about excess airtime wasting. All you have to do is open one of the sites and convert the excess airtime back to cash. Then you can use your cash for whatever you want.