Best Investment Opportunities in Nigeria: Where to invest your money

Saving money in the bank is quite different from investing. Are you of the opinion that saving money in the bank is a type of investment? No, it is not. All you need is adequate information on how to invest your money in Nigeria.

There are lots of ways by which you can invest your money and reap the dividend in the future. Examples of such ways are investing in cryptocurrencies, investing in insurances, and many other ways.

The wisest people are those that invest their money in the right places. The uninformed ones keep saving their money in the bank while their money is being used to by the bank to invest with insurance companies, buy shares from big companies, and trade in currencies.

Where to invest your Money

Here are various sources where you can invest your money profitably:

  • Insurance companies
  • Digital currency Platforms
  • Buying shares from giant companies

Investing in Insurance companies in Nigeria

Insurance company is one the right places to invest your money.   Apart from getting a compound interest on any amount you invested, it is also feasible to receive your interest either on monthly basis or yearly basis.

The insurance company will pay you back in full, both the total principal and total interest earned during the period of investment. In case an investor dies before the expiration of his/her investment, the total interest earned while alive together with total principal will be sent to the deceased family member.

Investors must note that the repayment is guaranteed if they do not default in sending in their additional principal monthly.

Investing in Digital currency platforms in Nigeria

Are you aware of the digital currency platform like Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Etherum and many others? One advantage of digital currency is that you can always find time when the currency is rising or falling through the coin market. Also, you need to convert one crytocurrency to another via platform like CoinPot.  All you need to do is to sign up on coinpot with your functional email address and link all your crypto account together.

How can you earn coin legitimately?

  • By mining coin
  • By answering recaptcha or finding solutions to media problems

To know more about how you can invest in cryptocurrency, join a forum online where they engage in cryptocurrency discussion. There is a lot to gain from these forums

Buying shares from Big companies in Nigeria

Another great way of investing your money is buying shares from big companies. We have several big companies in Nigeria where you can invest your money.

Examples of these large companies are Cadbury, Nestle, Dangote Cement, Golden Penny, International breweries and many others.

It is important that you keep yourself updated by visiting online news source websites or reading news papers or listening to radio stations e.t.c. You can read newspapers like The Sun, Tribune, Guardian, The Nation and others.  This is where you get the correct information concerning companies that presently selling share to the general public. Not only that, you get updates like the how much they are selling per share and other vital information.