Forex trading in Nigeria: How to get started

The question of how to get started with the Forex trading business in Nigeria is one of the frequently asked questions made by beginners, newbies and interested & prospective Forex traders in Nigeria. Before the internet was made accessible to lot of Nigerians, it was generally assumed that Forex trading was a rich man’s venture. Not to mention, majority of financial institutions such as banks and financial investment houses were the only people participating in this Forex market.

But with the major spread of the internet and world wide web (www), many individuals have made a background research about the Forex market and can stay in any location and speculate and trade foreign currencies with any internet connected device and make profits from successful Forex trades. Before going into the context of the day, it is pertinent for our readers and interested Forex traders to have a basic idea of what Forex trading is all about.

Forex trading can be simply defined as an online medium of buying & selling the different currencies of various countries of the world according to its exchange rate. Forex is made up of two words – which is Foreign Exchange, therefore, this is what make up the world known as FOREX.

Forex is already taking over in Nigeria as a legitimate way of making money online. If you pay a visit to forums and blogs, you will see adverts related to Forex trading, these adverts are targeted at Forex traders in Nigeria to become prospective clients of the Forex broker; so why say that Forex is not known in Nigeria?

Forex is already popular in Nigeria as we have more Forex brokers setting up their offices at various locations and regions in Nigeria. Also, there are digital marketing companies and crypto exchanges which offer Forex training as part of their services. A good crypto exchange company based in Nigeria, MyTopExchange organizes forex training for her clients to grow and get faster knowledge of the Forex market. Right now, with popular Forex brokerage companies like FBS, FxPro, Alpari, Superforex, Liteforex, Instaforex broker settling in Nigeria, Forex is becoming popular and has become available to all users on desktop and mobile platforms.

Before starting out as a Forex broker, we advise that you should have done your homework on Forex trading. This involves getting training’s and attending seminars about Forex trading. Also, having a demo account gives you the experience on how to trade Forex. By doing this, you are already making a practical implementation of how you will handle your money if you upgrade to a live Forex trading account.

Also, you should read articles and make researches about Forex trading in Nigeria, so you can get notified about the 7 currency pairs, the Forex trading signals, the latest and most convertible way of trading Forex and the Forex broker that offers the kind of services which is friendly to your pocket and financial level.

The next step on how to get started as a Forex trader in Nigeria is to open a trading account with any Forex broker. Forex brokerage companies are the channels for you to trade Forex online, this is why you should choose good Forex brokers which also accepts and support Forex trading in Nigeria. Good example of Forex brokers in Nigeria are Instaforex, Alpari, HotForex or HF markets. You can open a trading account with these companies, fund the account and start trading from your mobile phone or desktop computer.

Lastly, enable that you have a good internet connection. You’ll need the internet to perform your trades in the Forex market. Having a laptop or a smartphone is also advisable to get Forex trading tools like the MetaTrader 4 Forex trading platform.

In conclusion, you are advised to make sure that you gain good knowledge about Forex trading because it is risky and also profitable. We wish you all the best as you begin your Forex trading journey in Nigeria.