Best PayPal Alternatives For Nigerians

While more and more Nigerians are embracing freelancing, getting paid for services rendered has been a major issue. This is particular to Nigerian freelancers because most of the payment platforms offer limited services to Nigerians.

Although PayPal is unarguably one of the giant payment gateways for international transactions, their services are not so favorable to Nigerians. First, Nigerian PayPal accounts only send funds but cannot receive. Secondly, PayPal is known for unnecessary freezing and banning of accounts. And for new Nigerian accounts, expect the frequent error messages when you try to make transactions. For these and several other reasons, Nigerian freelancers are searching for other platforms that are more favorable for sending and receiving global payment. This brings us to the big question: Are there better alternatives to PayPal in Nigeria? Of course!

Have you been frustrated severally by PayPal’s obnoxious terms and conditions? No worries, here are some favorable alternatives you can use for a better freelancing experience


Payoneer offers its debit/credit or bank account holders a medium to receive and send funds globally. All you have to do enjoy these benefits is to order for a debit card and it would be delivered to you right here in Nigeria. At no cost. Yes, it’s completely free. Interestingly, while you can use your Payoneer account to send, receive, and make payments for goods and services online, you can also withdraw cash in your local currency (Naira) at any MasterCard ATM globally.


This is a popular option among freelancers. With 2checkout, you can receive PayPal and credit card payments without stress. This platform supports a shopping cart system, global payment feature, and recurring billing.


Skrill has grown to become popular among Nigerian Freelancers. The platform which was formerly known as MoneyBookers has maintained (and even improved on) its top quality services over the years. Skrill offers relatively cheaper rates per transaction and also has an SMS notification system. Interestingly, it is completely free to set up. Skrill also allows users to send their funds to prepaid credit cards.

Western Union Money Transfer

Here is another PayPal alternative freelancers can use to receive cash from international clients. To receive funds via this medium, you will have to tender an internationally recognized identity card.


One outstanding thing about this payment processing platform is its unique fraud-protection feature. Customers, with the use of a virtual terminal, can make purchases right on your platform. It pays more attention to people than to credit card digits.

Google Wallet

Formerly known as Google’s Checkout, Google Wallet is a fast and easy-to-use alternative. With this, you can easily transfer funds between international bank accounts. And just as PayPal, it supports credit card payments and they also issue invoices.

While these are the most convenient and easy-to-use PayPal alternatives, there are others that take you through some processes before you can send and receive payments through them. Some of these include Neteller, ClickBank, Money gram, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Dwolla, Click2Sell, ProPay, Intuit, Braintree, Bank wire transfer etc.

Feel free to choose between these options and start receiving and sending funds global with ease and rest of mind.

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