Crypto Airdrops: How to get free ICO Tokens and Coins

An Airdrop​ ​in the Cryptocurrency world can be seen as when free​ ​tokens or ​crypto ​coins are being distributed freely by a particular​ ​blockchain project. The aim of distributing these crypto airdrops is mainly to promote a particular blockchain project, to increase its popularity and also to create awareness of it among people. You can make money with crypto airdrops by selling them like your normal crypto coins. How do you get these free ICO tokens and crypto coins?

To start with, you need a crypto wallet where you can receive and store your coins or tokens earned from a crypto airdrop. There are many crypto wallets available online, the most preferable for Nigerians includes, Luno, Blockchain, Coinbase and many more. You can also opt for a hardware wallet like Trezor, Ledger or Keepkey. Whichever option you think is best, go with it.

Sometimes, free ICO tokens and coins are normally given to people that has coins from a particular crypto block chain (mostly Bitcoin or Ethereum) stored in their crypto wallet. In this case, once a blockchain​ ​project is launched,​ ​a​ ​snapshot ​of​ ​the​ ​blockchain will be taken and ​free​ ​ICO tokens and coins will be distributed to everyone​ that has that particular block chain in their crypto wallets. However, in other cases, users are expected to sign up on airdrops sites and the tokens and crypto coins are not just distributed freely, users may be required to perform little tasks on the internet mainly through social media platforms and applications like Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn and others. These tasks ranges from logging in, reading a post, re-tweeting a post, creating a post, sharing a post, referring other people and many other available online activities. Also, some crypto airdrops project may require you to complete short surveys, at the end of every successful tasks, your wallet addressed will be requested and that is how you receive your free ICO tokens and coins.

Another way you can earn free ico token and coins from crypto airdrops is when cryptocurrency undergoes a fork (when a new crypto coin is created from an already existing crypto currency). This way, all users that were in possession of the already existing cryptocurrency will be given free crypto coins of the newly created one.

Most popular crypto airdrops projects that where trending this year includes Watchdog, Altcoin, Ethcombo, Click gem, Cryptokami, Cell blocks etc.

In order to be up to date and know when new crypto airdrops are available, you will need to be active in crypto forums and discussion groups because this is where new airdrops projects are mostly advertised. It’s always enjoyable when you can earn free crypto coins from the crypto market without having to pay for it that is one of the reason many people find Crypto airdrops beneficial. You can earn real crypto currencies by just partaking in a crypto airdrop project; this can be seen as a case of making of profit with neither capital nor investment.