Bet9ja Affiliates: How to register and make money

Bet9ja is the most popular online bookmaker website in Nigeria. The site allows users to bet on various sporting events and virtual games. In this article, we would be looking at their affiliate program. For the benefit of those who want to join this program, we will be discussing how to register and also make money off it.

What is Bet9ja Affiliate?
The Bet9ja affiliate program is a marketing program where users get rewarded with a commission when they refer others to the Bet9ja website. Each affiliate is given a unique link to share with others and they earn when others click on this link and book games on the betting platform.

How to register with Bet9ja as an affiliate
Follow the steps below to register for the Bet9ja affiliate program;

⦁ Visit to access the registration form
⦁ Fill the form accordingly by providing all the required details. The form is divided into four categories and they are;
⦁ Personal details: your username, password and security details
⦁ Contact details: your name and address
⦁ Payment details: your bank information for receiving payments
⦁ Additional details: referrals and other additional information
⦁ Submit the form after filling

The Bet9ja affiliate support team will review your application and give you feedback on if your application has been approved or not. If approved, congratulations as you have just joined the Bet9ja affiliate program. What you need to do next is to set up your account and start making money.

How to make money as a Bet9ja Affiliate
Once you log into your affiliate account, you will be provided with a unique affiliate link. This link is all that you need to make money and you simply need to share it. As you get referrals, you will get paid if they place bets on the website.

With this, in other to make money as a Bet9ja affiliate you need to know how to effectively promote your affiliate link. There are different ways via which this can be done and it would be best if you have experience as an affiliate marketer forehand. Nevertheless, the below tips will be of help;

Direct Link Share
You can simply tell your friends and families about Bet9ja and share your affiliate link with them. This is very simple especially if your friends already use Bet9ja to book their bets. Instead of them visiting the site directly, they could simply visit via your link so you can earn money.

Social Media Link Share
There are so many social media platforms where you can share your link and it gets to thousands or even millions of people. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram because these are very popular in Nigeria. However, to reach a lot of people, you will need to pay for advertisements on these platforms unless you already have massive followers.

Blog/Website Link Share
A lot of Bet9ja affiliates use this method. If you have a blog or website you can generate banner codes from your affiliate dashboard and put them on your site. They display as normal adverts and once any of your visitors click on it, they’ll be directed to the Bet9ja website.