Crossworld Securities Limited Stockbroker overview

Crossworld Securities Limited is a Nigerian stockbroker company that offer services to individual and corporate investors. The company takes interest in ensuring that the goals of their clients are achieved whilst taking care of the risks involved.

Registering with Crossworld Securities
It is easy to register with Crossworld securities if you have all the required documents and you follow the registration guidelines as listed by the company. First of all, you need to decide the type of account you want to open as the company offers other services aside from stockbroking. Visit their website and click on ‘Account opening’. Download the form on the page, fill it accordingly and send it to [email protected] (scan and upload it) along with other required documents.

You can also get and submit the registration form to any of their offices near you. You can find their various locations on their website to check for which is near.

It takes about 72 hours for an account to be reviewed and you will be notified if your application is successful so you can login and start trading. If your application is rejected, the problem will be stated so you can fix it and re-apply.

Services offered by Crossworld Securities Limited

Crossworld Securities buys and sells securities on behalf of their clients. You can open a stock broking account with them and they trade on stocks listed on the NSE – Nigerian Stock Exchange. The stocks are traded on with expertise so income is made and it is usually long term. The company also handles the transfer of shares and you will get a weekly portfolio report and stock market report on how your investment is doing.

Financial Advisory
Corporate and individual investors can get investment advisory services from Crossworld Securities Limited. The company advises interested clients on how investment and personal goals can be achieved. All you need to do is to contact them and book an appointment and you will be attended to by an investment expert. You will receive professional tips on how to make better investment decisions.

Crossworld Securities Limited has a research unit that carries out research on the market and the economy to draw out useful information. This information can be utilized to make better investment decisions and also keep clients updated on what is happening. The research team makes use of modern research softwares to carry out their activities for better analysis.

Nominee Services
You can open a nominee investment account with Crossworld Securities and they will manage your businesses for you. They handle your reports and dividends, reducing the stress and taking the risk from you.

Crossworld Securities Limited Contact
You can contact the company for any questions or inquires you have by calling 08162820856 or sending a mail to [email protected]. The head office is located at 22B Milverton Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State.

Crossworld Securities Limited is a legally registered and a dealing member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The company is safe to invest with.