Blackwell Global Nigeria Forex broker Review

Blackwell Global Nigeria is a global trading company and they are operational in Nigeria. The company is Foreign brokerage firm and they have a global presence with 90 nations. However their main offices are in Cyprus, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. The company was formed in 2010.

How Does Blackwell Global Nigeria Operate?

You first open an account and this is with a minimum of $500. However you may utilize a demo account and this can help you get familiar with the firm. The regulators are the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. This company places the funds of the clients inside a particular bank account and then utilizes banks of tier-1.

What Are The Fees And Spreads Of Blackwell Global Nigeria?

Most of the brokers offering brokerage services make use of a fee and this fee differentiates between the selling and purchasing price of the instrument.

Its minimum spread is 0.2 pips (EUR/USD) and this is low in comparison to the average spread of 0.82 pips of other brokerage firms.

Swap rates and overnight fees

  • Roll over fee for positions which are long for EUR/USD is equal to $3.25
  • Roll over fees for positions that are short for EUR/USD is equal to $6.96

Commission Charges

  • No charges on commissions

What Forex/Currencies Can Be Traded On This Company?

  • Main and minor Forex pairs
  • Exotic pairs of forex and cryptocurrencies
  • Commodity CFDs which include energy, agriculture and metals
  • Stock CFDs and index which include Japanese shares, German shares, US shares and UK shares

What Are The Features Of Trading On Blackwell Global Nigeria?

  • Applications and platforms

It offers trading platform which is MT4 forex and the INFINITUM. Its combination of platforms include Windows and Mac and they let you trade on the device you choose. The platform features:

  • Stop losses that come with a guarantee
  • Scalping and hedging option.

Accounts you can open on Blackwell Global Nigeria are:

  • Standard type
  • Mini type
  • Demo type
  • Islamic type
  • Managed account

Trading On Blackwell Global Nigeria

Blackwell Global Nigeria let’s you operate a trade minimum of 0.01 lots size (10 cent per pip) and this is dependent on account type. You can also execute 100 Lot of trade as maximum. Expect spreads that are tighter and have extra transparency. The margin requirements varies and this depends on the instruments, accounts and the trader.

What Are The Funding Methods Of Blackwell Global Nigeria?

  • Neteller
  • Credit card
  • Bank wire transfer

What Are The Requirements For Opening An Account With Blackwell Global?

Each of the new client will first pass certain checks and then make sure that you comprehend the trading risks. Now when you open an account they will ask for these information:

  • Bank statement or utility bill and this should not be less than 3 months for address verification.
  • Valid National ID or driving license or scanned colour of your passport for identity verification.

What Are The Advantages Of Blackwell Global Nigeria?

a) You can trade different kinds of Forex currency pairs, CFD’s, Metals, Crypto-currencies.

b) Their trading cost is not too much.

c) They have an effective customer support. There is a wider language category and this include Spanish, English, Portuguese and German. They function in multiple languages and have more options for support.


Blackwell Global Nigeria is a global Forex trading company and you can trade on this platform as a Nigerian. This article is a review of Blackwell Global Nigeria. Don’t forget to ask your questions.