Capital Express Securities Stockbrokers in Nigeria overview

Capital Express Securities Limited (CESL) is one of the registered and approved stockbrokers in Nigeria. They were incorporated as a company in November 1990 to give focus exclusively on the activities and happenings around investment advisory and Capital Market activities in Nigeria. Capital Express Securities Limited (CESL), is one of the dealing members of the Nigerian Stock Exchange; and it is licensed and registered by the Nigerian Securities &Exchange Commission (SEC).

About The Capital Express Securities Stockbrokers

According to the information on the website, the parent company, the Capital Express Group decentralized and shared the full complement of its Capital Market & Investment Banking capabilities to its subsidiary company, which is the Capital Express Securities Limited. With over ten years experience in providing successful Capital Market solutions to a wide spectrum of clientele of different classes, both local, domestic and foreign individuals, high ranked government officials, firms and companies and institutional investors. The Capital Express Securities Limited is experienced and well-structured to meet up to the needs and requirements of the capital market of individuals and companies.

Basically, the Capital Express Securities Stockbrokers conducts its business activities in Nigeria. As of recent, they had a Pan –African focus which shifted their attention to expand their branches in other countries in the African continent. Already, the Capital Express Securities Limited (CESL) has been able to achieve this objective by leveraging on the influence of its parent company, the Capital Express Group to build a solid presence in five African countries namely; Kenya, The Gambia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Liberia.

The major mission of the Capital Express Securities company is to offer the required help and assistance to its clients and customers for them to achieve their goals in the ever-changing business environment of the world. In order to achieve this mission, they have taken it upon themselves to offer excellent financial services in providing world class service which is backed up by highly motivated, talented, professional and efficient staff which are out to maximize clients’ wealth. The vision of the Capital Express Securities Ltd is to be the foremost stockbroking firm of choice which provides valued returns on the investments of its clients.

Products and Services of the Capital Express Securities Company

As a financial investment company, the CESL offers various services related to the buying, selling and trade of quoted securities for its clients. Their wholesale/retail stockbroking packages cover both the individuals and the institutional investors. Since all clients have different schemes, motives and objectives in mind, the Capital Express Securities Limited (CESL) has given an option for their clients to decide on the type of stocks to be sold, traded or purchased on their behalf.

Also, the CESL provides detailed information and analysis of the Stock Exchange market to her clients. They provide advisory and consultancy services to different clients. As a capital and finance service company, they offer investment services to help their clients to grow and develop in their line of business.

As one of the largest stock brokerage companies in Nigeria, they offer stock brokerage services such as stocks, bonds, options, futures, foreign currencies, and commodities to local and international markets.

CESL Contact Information

The office of the CESL is open during working hours and its officials are friendly and ready to assist in any possible way.

The address is located at Plot 1626C-E Idejo Street, Off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island (VI), Lagos State. You can also reach them on phone: (+234) 01-4540089 or send a mail to [email protected].