Cowrywise Review: Online savings platform in Nigeria

Cowryrise is a digital savings platform in Nigeria. The company belongs to Cowryrise Financial Technology Limited and is duly registered with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The platform aims to make saving and investing very easy for Nigerian Citizens. It automates savings and investment processes on behalf of the user, the user has just little or no work to do as the platform takes care of everything all they have to do is to just save money.

How to use Cowryrise

To start using Cowryrise to save and invest, you have to create an account with them which is a very simple thing to do. You visit their website – – and complete the registration form. After that, you would be required to verify your phone number via SMS or phone call and also verify your email address via the link that will be sent to you. Once verified, you now own a Cowryrise account and you have to choose which of their savings and investment plan that is ideal for you. Cowryrise features the following plans;

  • Periodic Plans
  • Life Goals
  • Save as you earn
  • Fixed Plans
  • Interest-free plans

Each of these plans operate differently and you should take your time to read through their individual offers and then make your choice. However, you should know that a user is not limited to just one plan. If you have interest in more than one plan you can create separate savings for each one. When you are set, you can now deposit money into your account. You can do that using any Nigerian Debit card. Immediately you make your deposit, your investment starts reading. On your dashboard, you can monitor your savings easily. To make it a lot easier you should download the Cowryrise Mobile App – it is really recommended that you do – which is available for Android and iOS devices.

The thing with Cowryrise is that they offer high returning interest rates which are higher than what most commercial banks in Nigeria offer. Cowryrise offers a minimum 10% interest rate per year on your investment amount. The interest percentage can go as high as 15% per year if invested on a longer period of time. As days, months and years go by, your earned interest is automatically added to your savings balance. You get your saved amount and the added percentage when your savings are matured. Withdrawal is currently limited to Bank and it doesn’t take time, it takes a maximum of 6 hours.

Cowryrise does not charge users any transaction fee of any kind, it may sound surprising but it is true. Everything you carry out on the platform is free of charge both when depositing and withdrawing.


Cowryrise is a genuine platform and a very helpful one as well. There is no need for fear when you invest with them as the investment assets are being handled by Meristem Trustees, a subsidiary of Meristem Wealth Management Limited and a registered company with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).