Online Investment in Nigeria: Where to find genuine opportunities and websites

Online investment in Nigeria is a green field which would surely rake in returns for the investor if only he invests his money in genuine websites. Online making money opportunities in Nigeria have been taken for a mirage as many people assume any online investment in Nigeria to be a scam.

There are many online investment opportunities for you as an entrepreneur to invest and make profit in. However, the issue is where to find legit and genuine websites which would give you the keys to the various opportunities which are available. In this article, you would get to know about the profitable online investments opportunities and where to get genuine and legitimate websites to trust.

Genuine Online Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

  1. Blogging: Trust me, blogging is no more a child’s play as at before when people just open blogs for fun or for their passion. These days, people open blogs as a startup and grow it to become a big business empire. The likes of Uche Pedro, Jide Ogunsanya, Linda Ikeji, Paschal Okafor and Azzez Makinde have started blogs which are paying their bills for them. Before you can start a blog as an online investment, you need to invest and pay money for a domain name, web hosting, purchase a website theme or hire a website designer to design it before your website can start running on the world wide web. Through blogging, you can make profits through ad networks such as Propeller Ads, Google Adsense, Taboola, Outbrain etc. You can also make money by selling advertising space for people to place adverts on your site.
  2. Forex Trading: In this era, Forex trading is taken as a profitable online business venture which any serious investor should consider to invest his resources. Forex trading is the trading (buying & selling) of foreign currencies (USD, EUR etc) on the foreign exchange market.  If your trade is successful, you get to make money from the trade you placed.
  3. Cryptocurrency Trading: Cryptocurrency and bitcoin trading is another online investment which you can engage into. The acceptance and usage of digital coins and crypto tokens in different parts of the world have made way for many cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto traders to offer crypro-trading services for people to buy and sell cryptocurrencies from them.

Where to find genuine opportunities and websites in Nigeria

Just as I have said earlier, getting a genuine online investment website or opportunity in Nigeria may be difficult but you must be vigilant and careful in choosing anyone you lay your hands upon. You can get online investment opportunities from social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook (because some companies actually make post publications and adverts). Also, you can get a genuine online investment website by searching the search engine to read reviews and read posts on online investment opportunities.

Lastly and most importantly, if you are to invest in any online investment website, ensure that the company is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (C.A.C) of Nigeria. If the website is offering a form of financial services, examine them to see if they have the license & regulation to offer such services before investing or doing business with them.