Capital Trust Stockbrokers in Nigeria overview

Capital Trust Brokers Limited is one of the most active stock brokers dealing with the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE). The company was incorporated in January 1979 as it was created out of CTB Stockbrokers (Nigeria) Limited a subsidiary of C.T. Borrowing & Co. which was already a top insurance broking company.

Current Staffs at Capital Trust Brokers Limited

  • Otunba Adekunle Ojora – Chairman
  • M.A. Adefila – Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer.
  • E. O. Olumide-Coker – Executive Director
  • T. S. Balogun – Principal Manager
  • D. O. Akande – Head IT
  • E. O. Ogayemi – Chief Compliance Officer
  • John Idowu – Head, Accounts

Services offered by Capital Trust Brokers Limited

  • Securities Dealings; Capital Trust Brokers Limited buys and sells shares on behalf of their customers. The company also offer positive advice to their customers on stocks, dividends and others so they can make the most out of them.
  • Stockbroking Ancillary Services; Capital Trust Brokers Limited offers ancillary services to help their clients get more out of their investments in the Nigeria Equity Market. The company manages certificates de-materialization and collection of dividends on behalf of their clients.
  • Project Financing; Capital Trust Brokers Limited offer loans and advances for clients in need of it to carry out business transactions and other projects. The terms and conditions are reasonable.
  • Portfolio Management / Advisory Services; Capital Trust Brokers Limited are experienced in portfolio management, they can turn a non-active portfolio to a wealth creating one by implementing well researched strategies and advisory services.
  • Nominee Account Services; Capital Trust Brokers Limited manages investments on behalf of customers outside Nigeria especially to Nigerian citizens, also Nigerian residents who wishes to invest with foreign identities can do so.
  • NASD – OTC Market; Capital Trust Brokers Limited is an approved and active trading institution with NASD plc. They are one of the top performers in the market.
  • Issue And Private Placement Of Equity & Debt; Capital Trust Brokers Limited provide professional advice to corporate clients seeking to raise money for capital projects via equity or debt.
  • Share Transmission; Capital Trust Brokers Limited offers share transmission services in cases of a shareholder’s death, the share are transmitted to the Estate administrators.

You can visit Capital Trust Brokers Limited website ( if you are interested in any of their services. The company has its office at 6th Floor, St Peter’s House, 3 Ajele Street Lagos, Nigeria. They are open only on weekdays (Monday – Friday) and works from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, on weekends (Saturday and Sunday), they are closed. You can contact them for any questions or inquiries via e-mail; [email protected] or via Phone; +234 08132715018.


Capital Trust Brokers Limited is a trusted Nigeria stock broking company that offers very useful services. You have nothing to fear when you invest with them, they are renowned and you can make real profit with them.