E-Wallets in Nigeria: List of Best Providers

Electronic wallets (E-wallet) are a blessing to businessmen, entrepreneurs and individuals who are doing all forms of online business. Online businessmen such as affiliate marketers, bloggers, freelance writers, forex/crypto-currency and binary options traders, sports bettors, casino gamers and dropshippers make use of e-wallets for receiving their online earnings in Nigeria.

An e-wallet is a digital wallet which allows its owners to be able to send, receive and transfer money (digital currency) through electronic means. This means that e-wallet holders do not retain or have possession of physical or fiat currency in their wallet but they have a form of currency in an online or digital wallet which could be used to buy and purchase any commodity, good or item online.

Before this very time, it used to be a serious challenge for people to receive money online from their jobs or activities which they have used to make and generate a form of revenue for themselves online. If an affiliate marketer or a blogger is to receive his or her earnings, such person may go through a herculean task of getting a friend abroad who would be able to receive the funds and send it to Nigeria. At times, most people lose their online earnings because they are no payment methods or options which could be used to send and transfer such earnings to Nigeria.

But today, there are available e-wallets providers in Nigeria which can be accessed and used to receive online earnings and also make payments for the purchase of goods and services. Electronic or digital wallet is an effective way of receiving money online and also a fast way of transferring money to any part of the world.

Basically, an e-wallet holder can store his money in his digital wallet for future purposes and transactions. Some of the e-wallets which are available in the country and mostly used by Nigerians include;


Paypal is an e-wallet which is used by almost all countries of the world because it accepts worldwide and international payment in foreign currencies. Also, Paypal is rated as a reliable online money transfer company because it is trusted by so many Nigerians due to its tight security in keeping people’s funds. Although, it has banned Nigeria from using its service, still some people have found a way to tweak it and have access to use its service.


So far so good, Payoneer is the best alternative to Paypal in Nigeria. This is an e-wallet provider which is trusted and used by so many Nigerians for receiving digital and virtual funds online. Most Nigerian blogger use Payoneer to receive their monthly earnings from Google Adsense and they get to withdraw their earnings from their local bank account here in Nigeria.

Payoneer gives a prepaid MasterCard debit card to its clients and customers, through which they can use to send and receive money into their bank account.


This is a an e-wallet that allows for easy payments and money transfers on the internet. With the availability of this digital wallet, people can fund their account, withdraw their funds or use it to make payments on e-commerce stores.

Other e-wallets providers in Nigeria which are used are;

  1. Neteller
  2. Perfect Money
  3. Webmoney
  4. Payza
  5. Okpay
  6. AdvCash
  7. Payeer
  8. Chipper Cash
  9. Venmo
  10. Google Wallet