Chapel Hill Denham Securities Limited Overview

Chapel Hill is a reputable independent investment banking company. Apart from being an independent investment banking firm, it also specializes in security trading as well management of investment. The Chapel Hill Denham securities is one of the most trustworthy companies in Nigeria in that line of business. There main goal is to offer unbiased advisory, provision of investment services to individuals, government as well as corporation.

About the company

The name “Chapel Hill Denham” emerged as the result of the merger of the Chapel Hill Advisory limited and the Denham Management limited. The two companies merged in the year 1994. The Chapel Hill was established in April 2005 and was registered by SEC as a financial advisory company. The Denham management limited started operation as broker and asset Management Company in 1994.

Values and principle of Chapel Hill securities Limited

The vision of the company is to become the foremost independent investment banking company in West Africa. Here are the values and principle of the company:

  • Clients must come first, the company believes that if the clients are served well, they will also move forward
  • The Company selects their people individually; they believe that the best company is up of good people, so they strive to work with the best people around.
  • The Chapel Hill Denham securities limited take trust and security very seriously. The core of the company’s business is security and trust.
  • The Company is a fair competitor and will never look down or disrespect any company in the same line of business with them.

Brokerage Account Type of the Chapel Hill Denham Securities Limited

You can download the account opening form in PDF version online. This form is designed for customers in Ghana and Nigeria. The Types of brokerage account available are as follows:

  • Individual Account

This type of account is owned by an individual and only the person has the right to the account.

  • Joint Account

Joint account is a type of account that can be owned by minimum of two people. Owners of joint account must be living in the same household or married. Joint account can be run individually or jointly.

  • Minor Account

The Minor account is a type of account open for those who have not attained the age of 18 years. This type of account must be operated on their behalf either the parent or guardian.

  • Corporate and Institutional Account

This is a special account that is opened by cooperate individuals and the account is operated by assigned signatories or people that are authorized to operate the account.

Account Application Requirements

Here are the requirements for opening an account with the Chapel Hill Denham securities

  • Company/personal details
  • Account details
  • Address verification
  • Means of identification
  • Signature
  • An account custodian is required for minor account

Customer service

Chapel Hill Denham securities Limited gives priority to any issue that pertains to their customer. They have excellent customers service. Customers that have complaints can lodge them online by filling out a form.

Contact Information

The Lagos address of the company is 1st and 2nd floor, 45 Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island while their Abuja address is 3rd floor, Grand Square, 270, Muhammed Buhari way Central Business District.  The company is also located in Ghana at suite 2, the Labone Office Park N. Sithole, Lebane, Accra.