OLBG Football Betting Tips website

Everyone that engages in sports betting is doing so to win money. Websites that features football betting tips are usually of high interest because they help those staking bets with predictions that increases their chances of winning. Checking online, one would discover that there are so many football betting tips website and picking the ideal one may be difficult. You may have or may not have heard about OLBG (Online Betting Guide) – https://www.olbg.com. The website is one of the top football betting tips website currently being used by a lot of bet players.

OLBG was founded in 2002, the website is not just a prediction website but a sports betting community. Really there is a lot about the OLBG platform that makes it ideal for any lover of sports betting.

Most football betting tips website usually request for payment or subscription before allowing players get access to their football predictions, but not OLBG. Every game prediction featured on the OLBG website is free of charge, players do not need to pay any money instead, they stand a chance of winning money by using OLBG.

OLBG features a tipster competition, anyone can apply to be a tipster and make money when approved. As a tipster, you get to share betting tips for others to utilize and you also stand a chance of winning money as well. OLBG offer monthly cash prizes worth £7,800 and also free bets worth £3,200 to winners of the tipsters competition.

You not only get football predictions from OLBG, predictions are available for other popular sports like; Racing, Tennis and Cricket. On the OLBG website, you also get access to read reviews about sports bookmakers, more than a 100 of them. The reviews about these sports bookmakers are honest and unbiased, it helps you as a punter in choosing the best sports bookmaker to place your bets. There are forums and blogs where you can interact with fellow punters and get very useful betting advices. These forums and blogs also help to expand your knowledge about sports betting so you get to better understand what is involved.

OLBG has a twitter account (@OLBG), as part of the community, you should follow them so you keep up to date with whatever is happening. Also, the website has a Mobile App you can download so you have easy access to the platform.


If you are a football punter, and you are looking for a prediction site that can help improve your betting, you can try the OLBG prediction website.