Confirmbet Football prediction website

Sports betting has grown from being just a thing of fun to a source of income to many Nigerians. There are various football prediction websites that provide football predictions to those who want to stake bets – one of them is ConfirmBets.

This is a relatively new website and this article will be of help if you would love to know about the platform.

Registering on ConfirmBets
To get the most out of the ConfirmBets website, you need to register with them. Registration is an easy process and you can do so by following the below steps;

⦁ Visit ⦁ and click on Register
⦁ Fill in the required details (Email, Phone Number and Password)
⦁ Click on Register
⦁ Verify your account via the link sent to your provided email address
⦁ Finish

With a ConfirmBets account, you get access to all their features and more. You can also upgrade to a VIP account to get premium games and win more.

Features of the ConfirmBets Website
Below are some features of the ConfirmBets website which you get access to when you visit the site;

Free Predictions
You can access free sports predictions on the ConfirmBets website with or without a registered account. You just have to visit the website and navigate to the ALL PREDICTIONS page. The predictions cover all betting markets and major leagues and are picked by different Gurus. With an account, you can follow the top gurus and get updated when they release a new prediction.

Rollover predictions
Rollover predictions are just like normal predictions just that you are expected to rollover your earnings by staking them again. The odds involved are usually small and the higher the staking amount, the higher the profit. These are still selected by top prediction gurus and feature different success rates.

2 Odds & 3 Odds Prediction
These are bet predictions that sum up to a total of 2 or 3 odds. They are picked by experts and can be from any league or betting market. ConfirmBets do not assure a 100% success rate for the games but you do have a high chance of winning them. There are multiple 2 & 3 odd games displayed so you can choose the one with the highest success rate so the one you feel will likely play out correctly.

As you play your bets, you can check the results and outcome of each game directly from the ConfirmBets website. The results are grouped according to their leagues so you can easily sort out that which you are looking for.

Cofirmbets is not a sports betting website, it is rather a bet prediction website. By using their predictions, you stand a chance of winning more bets as the predictions are expert selected. However, the predictions are not 100% correct so you should be careful with your stakes.