iguide Nigeria: What you should know before making any investment 

Are you planning on investing in any business in Nigeria? The iGuide platform is there to guide you by providing you with all the information you should know. The secret to wealth is saving and then putting those saved funds into lucrative business(es) or investment program(s) that will keep bringing you profits which in-turn increases your financial inflow or income. It is a relatively new online platform developed by the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) with the help of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

This platform is user-friendly and it is easy to use, all you need to do is to visit the website http://www.theiguides.org. On the website, you will get updated information about investing and doing business in Nigeria. With the help of the information provided, you can make better decisions that will positively affect your investments.

Features of the iGuide Nigeria platform
Below are some features of the iGuide website and how they can be of help to you as a Nigerian investor;

⦁ Costs and prices of investing
As a Nigerian investor and as an aspiring investor, you are supposed to be aware of the prices and costs of running a business and the iGuide platform provides you with all of that. It features the costs of taxes, labor, rent, indemnities and transport. From the site, you can compare the prices in Nigeria with that of other countries.

⦁ Investment requirements and contacts
There are some requirements you need to meet before your investment can be valid in Nigeria. This includes important licenses, work permits, clearance papers, funds repatriation and others. Not only does iGuide Nigeria list these requirements, they also state the procedures involved in order to get them. You will also get important contacts that can help you with any issues you are having.

⦁ Experiences of other investors
You will find the investment history of some renowned investors in Nigeria and how they became established. With such information, you will gain experience yourself and know what to do when you are in any similar condition.

Information on iGuide can be easily updated since it is web-based and this gives it an edge above other investment publications.

⦁ Investment training and events
You get information about possible investment training you can attend and learn things from. These training are usually organized by the ICC and UNCTAD and they can be held mostly in Nigeria. Also, they organize events where you can meet other investors and share ideas and experiences.

The iGuide Nigeria platform is a beneficial one for anyone who wishes to invest in Nigeria. You get investment guides and advice, business statistics and get to check up on the experiences of others. The platform is free to access so as an investor, you should make use of it. Have in mind that the key to financial freedom is earning way more than your expenditure!