Crypto Trading signals: List of the best providers

What are crypto signals?

A cryptocurrency trade signal is trigger for action that tells a trader whether to buy or sell a crypto currency.  A good cryptocurrency signal is generated from wide range of Analysis.  This analysis can be generated via mathematical analysis that is based on market trends or through specific technical indicators.  Apart from market trends, the mathematical analysis is done in combination with some other factors such as relevant news, economic indicators as well as updates.

Understanding the cyptocurrency trade signals

The first step towards understanding the cryptocurrency trade signals is to know the basic format in which the crypto trading signals are commonly delivered to traders.  A good signal should include the following:

  • Coin abbreviation that is clearly stated

Majority of all trades run against BTC unless stated otherwise.

  • Buy/Entry level that tells you to place your buy order

Here the trade period are in three variant we have;

  1. Short term
  2. Medium term
  3. Long term

The short term indicates that the target should be reached within a limited time usually couple of hours or a day at most

The medium term suggests that the target must be met in a couple of days and at most a week.

The long term indicates that the target must be reached in few weeks time.

  • Take Profit (TP)/Target levels

A notable feature of a high quality signal is that it will always indicate at least there Take Profit levels.  The higher the target, the longer the time it might take to reach the target.  On this note, it is advised to always take out your profit by splitting it at a particular level.

  • Stop Loss (SL) levels

Majority of quality signal channels employ a 2% to 5%  SL levels. This means that if the coin drops from 2% to 5% below the Buy/Entry level entry.  At this point it is suggested that you get out of the trade, hence you are wrong and expected to protect your capital to hunt for another trading signal to recover the loss encountered and then profit thereafter.

The Best Crypto signal providers

Here is the list of the best cryptocurency signal providers which have proven their efficiency with the best crypto signals on Telegram. All the providers listed here provided us with unlimited access for a thorough analysis of each vendor’s reliability.

  1. OPC premium

The OPC premium is an internally recognized team of cryptocurrency trade professionals.  They are endowed with up-to-date experience in cryptocurrency trading and they are ever willing to share their wealth of experience at an affordable rate. Some of the merits of this provider are:

Availability of quality instant support services for users

  • Private chats available for paid users
  • Users enjoy quality service

2. Verified Crypto Traders

They are team from Netherlands with several years of experience in crypto trading. Some of the advantages of this provider are:

  • They give subscriber the avenue to contact founder
  • They legalize their business dealings and also sign contracts
  • They publish the main market updates and coin predictions
  1. WhaleTank Premium

This crypto trading signal provider is based in the US. Some of their benefits are as follows

  • Secure environment for clients
  • Availability of expert team from the US
  1. IinfoCrypto

This crypo signal provider started in 2017 and it supplies its users with recent updates, accurate crypto signals and tutorials. Some of the benefits of infoCrypto include:

  • Correct Analysis of Bitcoin market trends
  • Accurate signals that facilitates reasonable profits
  • Quality information on different levels of coin purchase present in signals

These are 3 top tier signal providers in the cryptocurrency industry and i wish you good luck in using their services!