EOS Airdrops: How to claim free crytocurrency tokens

Exactly like Ethereum, EOS is an excellent platform for blockchain where developers have the opportunity to carry out a decentralized application for a good number of purposes.  The EOS platform has been placed higher than Ethereum by some analyst.  The main reason for rating the EOS blockchain higher is that programmers have to learn a new language to enable them code smart contracts on the platform. Whereas,  programmers that are well versed in C++ Programming language can easily have their way with the EOS blockchain platform.

From the beginning, the EOS blockchain has been available on the Ethereum but it has moved to its own platform on the second day of June.  The launching of the new EOS blockchain platform increases the possibility of getting free tokens. This article will provide you with some EOS Airdrops that will enable make more money as an EOS holder.

  • Chaince

Chaince is available on the EOS blockchain as an asset trading platform. It is set to provide users with 1 CET token on each EOS token.  The total supply of this token is 2billion.

  • Etheos

This particular airdrop is made available for businesses as well as entrepreneur to build on the EOS platform. You can know more about this airdrop by joining their white-list and do not hesitate to use the contact form on the website to reach the team

  • EOX

This is an eCommerce platform of the second generation that enables user spend their EOS based cryptocurrency.  Each user is entitled to 1 EOS token per one EOS token held.  The total supply of token for this airdrop is 10 billion.

  • HireVibes

This is an application designed for businesses as well as job seekers. It is a decentralized platform that enables businesses and job seeker earn money by getting hired.  They will not only get hired, hired businesses and job seekers will also be given the avenue to give back. The available token here is 350 million.

  • Horus Pay

This is a blockchain technology based airdrop that enables companies exchange private coded and safe data with global Payroll vendors.  This is done through a payroll portal that is decentralized. The total available token here is 1.2 billion.

  • Everipedia

Everipedia is a platform that is developed for the modern age.  Users on this platform get paid for their efforts.  The total token available here is 1.2 billion.

  • Parachute

This is another platform that enables every EOS token holders to get airdrop token easily without any difficulties.

  • Lab Ledger

This is a platform that is focused on scientific researchers. It compensates its users for every paper published.  Users are entitled to 1 LAB token per 1 EOS token held. The total token available here is 1.2 billion.

  • DEOS games

DEOS games are Casino platform that is decentralized with no percentage house edge.  On this platform users are entitled to 1 DEOS token per 1 EOS token held. Also, users will get up to 70 tokens on the telegram through the AirdropBot.