Cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria: Remitano vs Locabitcoin

Remitano and Localbitcoin are two reputable cryptocurrency platform that are well known in Nigeria. The two platforms provide Bitcoin exchange connecting sellers and buyer via the escrow system. The platforms have their area of strength and weakness. In this article we will be comparing the two cryptocurrency platform for the sake of those who are planning to consider one of the two cryptocurrency platforms.

Mode of payment
Localbitcoin offers more payment option than Remitano. The reason is that Localbitcoin has been around for quite a long time and it is present in more countries than Remitano. The Payment methods in Localbitcoin are as follows:
Western union
Bank transfer
Western Union
Bank transfer
Localbitcoin also gives buyers the opportunity to pay cash in person if the buyer is not far from the seller.
The Mode of payment available on Remitano is Bank transfer.

Another criteria to consider when deciding the right cryptocurrency platform to consider between Remitano and Localbitcoin is their availability. Localbitcoin is present in all countries of the world while Remitano is available in 52 countries including Thailand, Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria, United states, Qatar, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Ivory coast, Australia, Bangladesh, China, Uganda, south Korea, Oman, Netherland, Norway, Turkey, Poland, and others.

Verification Process
Remitano and Localbitcoin require email verification before you are allowed to buy bitcoin.

Fees charged
Both Remitano and Localbitcoin charge a fee of 1 percent from sellers. Sellers are may also charge a higher exchange rate to make up for the fees.

Exchange Rate
It should be noted that the exchange rate of Remitano and Localbitcoin differs from one country to another. For instance, the exchange rate of Remitano in Nigeria is lower than that of Localbitcoin while the reverse happens to be the case in United State of America. That being said, you should note that the exchange rate on Remitano and Localbitcoin depends on the seller, so the exchange rate is not static; it varies from time to time.

Customer support
In terms of customer support, Remitano is more responsive. What makes them shine in this area is their ‘live chat’ which is every all the time. Meaning that, you can use this service anytime throughout the day. Users can also make use of the help centre where you will find solution to almost all the issues bordering you.
Localbitcoin is also doing its best when it comes to customer support. You will find answers to almost all your questions on the Localbitcoin’s FAQ page. The guide contains the detail information that will give users the idea of how they operate. You can contact Localbitcoin on tweeter if you have any challenge. If you are not willing to contact them through tweeter, you can submit a querry ticket. But, you should note that they may not attend to your query ticket immediately during weekends, you might have to wait for 12 to 24 hours.