How to make money fast in Nigeria 2022

The question “how to make money” is one that is being asked over and over by so many people everyday. In a country like Nigeria where there are so many people, making money is something everyone is concerned with doing. In this post, you will find some very useful ways that can help you earn money and quickly in Nigeria.

Learn a skill;

There is no harm in learning, it is actually very fruitful and one major way of making money in Nigeria. Any lucrative skill would do, but with the direction in which the world is going, computer skills appear to be more lucrative when it comes to working independently. Other skills like catering, fashion designing, are also worth learning too.

Freelance Websites;

Freelancing means working at your own comfort, you are not under the supervision of anyone. There are lots of freelance websites online that Nigerians can sign up with, the popular ones being UpWork and Fiverr. You can register on any of the sites and put your skills to you. Article writing, web designing are among the top freelance jobs in Nigeria.

Affiliate Marketing;

Affiliate marketing is another good way of making money fast in Nigeria. It involves displaying Ads of shopping sites, when a visitor on your site clicks on the Ad, he is directed to the shopping site. If he makes a purchase on the site, you earn a commission, as easy as that.


Blogging is already a major source of income to a large number of Nigerians and it continues to be. To start up a blog, you would not be required to spend much because buying domains and hosting are getting less expensive. All you have to do is to pick a paying niche, and also make sure that you have passion for it. There are many ways of making money from a blog, displaying paid adverts remain on top.


You can set up an online store where you sell your goods. Some popular e-commerce site you know are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Konga and Jumia here in Nigeria. You don’t need to be told that these sites are generating a lot of money. All you need is to get your targeted customers to buy your goods and you start earning.

Forex Trading;

Forex trading has brought millions to a lot of Nigerians. It is a worthy investment that you can put your money in but, it also is very risky at the same time. Before going into Forex trading, make sure you know how it works and also make use of a renowned Forex Broker.

Graphic Designing;

Being a graphic designer is fun, because you create art. At the same time you can also earn big from it whether as a part-time or full time job. To be a professional graphic designer, you should be knowledgeable with using basic graphic designing programs like CorelDraw and Photo shop. Learning how to use these programs is not difficult and neither is it too expensive. You can even learn them for free by following free online tutorials.