How To Send Money From Philippines To Nigeria

Are you pondering on how you can send and transfer money from the Philippines to Nigeria? If Yes, the good news for you is that you can be able to send money from the Philippines into Nigeria without hassle. Right now, everyone is leveraging on the power of the internet to do certain tasks. The digital revolution has been able to make a lot of impossibilities possible.
Before now, it used to be difficult for individuals, businesses, and companies to send money overseas as funds could get hijacked and termed as money laundering or the funds could get delayed and get into the wrong hands. In this dispensation, it is relatively easier and fast for money transfer as varieties of money exchanges and transfer companies can do that for you without you stressing yourself.
Whether you need to buy a landed property abroad, to make educational payment, repatriate funds, compensate overseas employees, sponsor events and ceremonies, support families and friends financially, pay taxes overseas, buy goods and services overseas or even pay overseas suppliers and retailers, you can safely transfer large sums of money without any glitches, problems, hassle or excessive fees.
Firstly before you can send money internationally, you must get the best rates in the market on international monetary transfers. In this article, we would unveil to you the best online money transfer companies that you can trust to send money from the Philippines to Nigeria with ease.
Using an online money transfer company would assist you immensely as you get to take good advantage of the most competitive exchange rates. However, you should ensure that you choose a company that serves you right.

This is an online transfer agent that makes online money transfer faster, easier at a lower cost. Presently, they send money to over 145 countries of the world including Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, U.S, Philippines, Zimbabwe, and India.
The first transfer you make on this platform is free. There is no minimum transfer amount, meaning that you can send as much as you want to send. Also, you can choose to receive your money as mobile money, airtime top-up, bank deposit or cash pickup.

Western Union
This is another good alternative of sending money from Philippines to Nigeria. Western Union has a quick way of sending money through retail, mobile and digital channels as it helps businesses and individuals to make money across different borders of the world. Currently, they transact in more than 130 currencies. You can send money with Western Union from the Philippines to Nigeria through 3 methods;
On their website
On their mobile app
Through agent locations
Your Nigerian counterpart will receive the money at their agent location or in his bank account.

Ria provides one of the largest money transfer services in the world. They are present in provide money transfer services in over 369,000 locations in 149 countries Ria makes it easy for people to make money orders, bill payment, mobile top-ups, check cashing and prepaid debit cards. To use this service, you simply open an online account with Ria and send money along with your recipient details.