European Stock Markets that are open to Nigeria

Trading of stocks in stocks market is a business that has been going on for so many in countries all over the world with Nigeria included. It involves the exchange of stocks for money and there must be a buyer and a seller. If you want to trade in stocks in Nigeria, you would need to open an investing account with reputable stock broker.

Stocks traded in Nigeria are usually Nigerian stocks listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) but, it is also possible to trade on European and other Foreign stocks from Nigeria. Listed below are some European stock markets that are open to Nigeria

⦁ London FTSE 100 index: the London Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 is a large capital stock operated by the FTSE Group. It is the share index with the highest market capital on the London stock exchange where it is listed.

 New York DOW: Also known as the New York DJIA – Dow Jones Industrial Average – stock, this is a stock market index listed on the US stock exchanges. It is one of the oldest stock market indexes in the US and is made up of the stock performance of 30 different companies.

⦁ Euro/dollar: this is a market that involves buying Euro with US dollars; it is very popular in Nigeria as the two are the largest currencies in the world.

⦁ Pound/dollar: in the pound/dollar stock market, US dollars are traded for British pounds. The market is affected by the current value of both currencies against each other.

⦁ Oil Brent North Sea: the Brent North Sea stock involves the trade of sweet light crude oil. Together with the West Texas Intermediate, it makes up the major benchmark price for buying oil globally.

⦁ Oil West Texas Intermediate: the West Texas Intermediate is a light sweet crude oil. It makes up the major benchmark price for buying oil globally together with the Brent North Sea,

 Frankurf DAX 30: this is a blue chip stock index traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by 30 German companies; It takes its price from Xetra.

⦁ Paris CAC 40: this stock index consists of 40 out of the 100 highest market cap indexes traded on Euronext Paris. It is a benchmark index in France.

⦁ Euro STOXX 50: the Euro STOXX 50 is a major cap stock market index operated by the STOXX company. It is traded in different currencies and it takes up 60% of the Euro STOXX TMI.

Other Foreign Stocks Open To Nigeria

⦁ Hong Kong – Hang Seng Index (HSE): this is an index listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and it has been around for more than 45 years. The index is operated by the Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited.

⦁ Shanghai Composite (SSE Index): The Shanghai Composite index consists of all stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. It is made up of two constituents; A and B shares and is operated by the Shanghai Stock Exchange and China Securities Limited.

⦁ Tokyo Nikkei 225: The Tokyo Nikkei 225 is the Tokyo Stock Exchange stock market index; it is traded in the Japanese Yen.