IML Forex Nigeria: What you should know about Imarketslive

Heard of IML – Imarketslive? This article will be telling you what you should know about them.

What is iMarketslive?
iMarketsLive is an online platform for network marketing and foreign exchange trading. In addition to that, they offer a program to teach anyone how to be rich through Forex trading. They claim this is possible even if you have zero knowledge of Forex trading and you just need to pay a minimal start-up fee.

The major service offered by IML is the education and guidance on Forex trading and before you can get access to this, you need to register and pay a membership fee. As earlier stated, the fee is minimal and is just about $15 (N5,000). The price is very good compared to what is charged by other Forex training platforms in Nigeria.

You are to pay for this service monthly and each month, you get what you pay for. This Forex training service is exclusive and is not linked to the IML network marketing program.

How much does it cost to join iMarketsLive?
The amount of money you will pay on IML depends on the service you want to engage in. The fee for Forex training starts at $15 and you are to renew payment every month. If you wish to join the IML multi-level marketing scheme (to earn money), you will be paying up to $225 for membership and a renewal fee of $164.95 every month. There is also an elite package (still on network marketing) that starts at $325 payment and renews with $274.95 every month.

Can you make money with iMarketsLive?
Yes! You can make money on IML by joining in on the network marketing scheme. It works as an affiliate and you are expected to refer to other customers before you earn. This is not very easy as it would be difficult to convince someone to join a network where they are to pay as high as $225 and $325. For you to succeed, you must be a very good marketer.

Earning money is one reason why a lot of people take IML to be a scam because they are looking at what they can get monetarily and not the knowledge from the training they’ll receive. If you learn very well, you can put your skills into work and make money from Forex trading.

Nevertheless, if you are a good marketer who knows how to sell a product, you can earn big time on IML. You can get up to $1000 with 15 – 20 referrals when they subscribe.

People often contemplate the issue of whether iMarketslive is a scam platform or not. The question is, what are you looking for? Are you looking for a platform to learn or a platform to make money? Both can be achieved on IML but, bad marketers who find it difficult to get referrals often label the platform as a scam; it is not. You are paying to learn and it is not compulsory that you partake in the IML network marketing program.