Fortune Bet Nigeria sports betting Website Review

Sports betting is a profitable business which many people engage in to make gains, profits and money for themselves. Sports betting refers to the way in which people stake and bet on different sports events like Hockey, Football, Motorsport, Boxing, Wrestling, Tennis, Table Tennis, Soccer, Lawn Tennis, Athletics, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Rugby, American Football, Cricket, Golf etc. If you are a football fan, you can bet on good soccer teams and if your prediction is right, you get to make a lot of cash for yourself. This is what make sports betting one of the surest and fastest ways to make money in Nigeria. In this review, you will get to know about the Fortune Bet Nigeria sports betting company, how to register and open an account, the promotions and account bonuses, Payment options, some terms and conditions and the contact details of the Nigerian sports betting company.

Fortune Bet Sports betting Website

In Nigeria, there are a lot of sports betting websites which allows people to bet on their favorite sporting events. One of such sports betting companies in Nigeria is Fortune Bet. Fortune Bet is an online platform for people to register and bet on any sport events in Nigeria. People can use any internet device like laptops, mobile phones to bet on sports in the Fortune Bet website and get to make money if their prediction is right.

Registration on the Fortune Bet website is easy. Fortune Bet allows its clients to register on their website in 4 different ways. As a customer or a prospective client, you can register through a modern smart phone, old smart phone, a web portal and an old phone. FortuneBet has applications and programs for each content selection on its platform.

Promotions and Bonus

For every customer and client that registers on the fortune Bet website, they will be given a 130% bonus on their betting account courtesy of Fortune Bet. However, the eligibility of this offer is that customers should have made at least a deposit of N100 on their Fortube Bet account.

Features of Fortune Bet

  1. It is an online sports betting website
  2. They have a good customer care support
  3. Any body from 18 years and above can open an account.
  4. They have different methods of payment for account deposit.
  5. They have a blog where they post sports news and events.
  6. Minimum deposit on betting account is N100


Betting can be played with any device

All new customers are given bonus on their first account deposit.

Registration on the FortuneBet Website is fast and easy.

FortuneBet pays you for your winnings and successful predictions.

There are different sports to bet on the FortuneBet website

They have a good customer support


They do not have a betting agent shop yet

They are only based online, which means that people without internet access cannot bet with them

Customer Care

Clients can contact the Fortunebet customer care on mail and expect a reply within 12 hours. Their mail address is [email protected] and [email protected]

Website is


FortuneBet is a good sports betting platform for everybody to try out. They give bonuses on newly opened accounts. Also, note that only people from 18 years and above can open a betting account on FortuneBet.