Stellar coin Review: Best wallets, mining and exchanges for this cryptocurrency

Stellar coins is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies this year, having hit the landmark of being the 6th biggest cryptocurrency in 2018. The first thing that crypto traders should know about Steller is that its a network while the main cryptocurrency used in the Stellar network is referred to as Lumen. Lumen are also referred as XLM. The Lumen (XLM) ensure that users under the stellar network can transfer and send value to any place around the world and switch various fiat currencies in a fast, secured and trusted gateway. The main goal of Stellar XLM is to connect different payment systems, people, banks and financial institutions in such a way that will guarantee an efficient method of making faster and easy payment and transactions.

Basic Background About The Stellar Coin

The origin of the stellar network dates back to the year 2014, when a co-founder of Ripple, Jed McCaleb launched the cryptocurrency after parting ways with the rest of the Ripple team due to ideological differences.

Unique Features of the Stellar Coin

  1. The stellar cryptocurrency has reached a milestone of having 1 million active accounts on its crypto platform.
  2. Stellar has a partnership with IBM and the joint partnership has yielded results since the two companies has made progress and development in cross-border payments. . IBM makes use of XLM for it’s firm’s blockchain solutions and this has helped to bring progress from the partnership on multiple mutually-shared initiatives.
  3. Stellar XLM coins allows ICOs. Stellar has the ability to raise funds through ICOs.
  4. A lot of developers find the Stellar XLM attractive because it doesn’t require gas for program executing.
  5. The transaction fees on the stellar platform are extremely small and little.
  6. The stellar coin is a stable and friendly cryptocurrency used all over the world.

5 Tips on Getting The Best Wallet Exchanges For Stellar XLM

  • The Wallet must have an easy backup feature in case something goes wrong.
  • The wallet should be backed up by a strong developmental team who will upgrade the system and add more features to it.
  • It should have a customer support
  • The wallet should allow you to retain possession and control of private keys.
  • It should have high security features to ensure safety of your funds

Best Wallets For Mining and Storing Stellar Coins

  1. Stargazer

It is a desktop and mobile wallet which is able to store, send and receive XLM coins. Stargazer ensures an easy transaction of sending and receiving Stellar Lumens. Stargazer is available on multiple devices like Mac OS, Windows, Andriod devices, Linux operating system, however, it is not yet available on iOS devices and there is no iPhone app for it. Stargazer offers support in multiple languages, it is a strong wallet that can hold stellar lumens (XLM).

  1. Ledger Nano S (hardware wallet)

Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that can mine and store stellar coins. Its is backed up by a strong security which is easy to set up. The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet which is popular and recommended by a lot of crypto traders and miners because it can store multiple cryptocurrencies. The Ladger Nano S is a good wallet for mining Stellar coins because it can hold large quantities of XLM.

  1. Stellar Desktop Client

As the name suggests, the Stellar desktop client is a desktop wallet which ensures an easy way of sending and receiving XLM coins. It only available for download on Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. This wallet enables stellar coin miners to encrypt their XLM secret key and store it in your personal computer. It is a secured and safe wallet of keeping stellar SLM because it ensures that your secret key is not disclosed to third parties.

The Stellar Desktop allows people to deposit and withdraw the Chinese Yuan (CNY). However, the wallet is for XLM only, it wouldnt be able to store multiple cryptocurrencies.

Exchanges for The Stellar Cryptocurrency

You can buy some Ethers for Stellar crypto from some exchanges. Here is the list of exchangers for the stellar cryptocurrency.

UPbit$0.215143BTC KRW
Poloniex$0.213219BTC USDT
Exrates$0.214714BTC USD
Kryptono$0.213178BTC ETH
ABCC$0.213725BTC ETH$0.213409BTC ETH USDT