Best Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallets in Nigeria

Bitcoin cash (BCH) was formed in 2017 as a new blockchain when a hard-fork occurred in the Bitcoin system. Most online cryptocurrency exchange sites that trades Bitcoin also trades Bitcoin cash as they both have different e-wallets.

Storing BCH is popular among hardware than application based wallets as it seems to be more secure and reliable, since the currency has not fully been accepted, hence storing it online seems to be risky at the moment.

Below is my list of best Bitcoin Cash, BCH Wallets providers currently in the World;


When talking about BCH Wallets, Ledger Nano S tops every list. This is a Hardware wallet that looks like a Flash drive and is used for storing BCH. You can connect it with your computer using a USB cable. Its security uses a four-digit pin that you choose when setting up your device. It has by far proven to be the best BCH wallet among the others with thousands of users all over the world.

This is a desktop and mobile application wallet, although it currently supports only Android mobile it is seen to be one of the safest BCH wallets available. Its uses private keys for its security, it is easy to use and you can download the Coinomi app directly from Play store.


Trezor is also a Hardware Wallet. It provides secure transactions from your Trezor device; it mainly supports Chrome and Firefox browsers. This device uses a pin code and such your device cannot be compromised when lost or stolen. With Trezor you are guaranteed full safety of your BCH.

This is another application wallet, It Supports Windows, IOS, Linus, Android and OSX. It uses private keys for its security. There has never been any record of a crashed server since this wallet was introduced. You can easily download and use this Wallet free of charge for both mobile and desktop.


Last on my list is Bitpay, an application wallet too which you can download from almost all mobile and desktop platforms. With Bitpay your BCH is secure at all times. You can also get a Bitpay Visa Card from them which you can load and use at ATMs.

6. BLOCKCHAIN.INFO is among the most popular cryptocurrency online wallets in the world. They are well known as a bitcoin and ethereum wallet provider. But in 2017, they added Bitcoin Cash as one of their supported cryptocurrency wallets. is another safe and secure wallet you can use to store, send or receive bitcoin cash.