List of bitcoin wallets in Nigeria

As you already probably know by now, to transact in Bitcoin, you need a Bitcoin Wallet. As far as Bitcoin transactions go, your Bitcoin Wallet is your online Bitcoin bank account. According to Investopedia, a Bitcoin Wallet comprises of a software program which is programmed to store your Bitcoins, even though Bitcoins are not technically stored anywhere.

Bitcoin Wallets helps the owner send and receive bitcoins which can come in many forms. The four main types or forms this Wallets can come in are: desktop form, mobile form, web form and hardware form. It has been noted that most Bitcoin wallets generally don’t work on most iOS and android systems. Therefore, it is good you research properly before venturing into one.

On their own, web wallets allow you transact Bitcoins on any browser or mobile from anywhere. Therefore, it is important you choose your web wallets carefully since some of them may store your private keys online.
Your Bitcoin wallet is your digital wallet, and getting one is an important step for your further Bitcoin related transactions. Therefore, we will be showing all the top and most legit Nigerian Bitcoin Wallet providers that has been confirmed to be secure and trusted.

1) Ngexchanger:

This is one of the top players in the Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange market and has its foundation deeply rooted in Nigeria.
Even though it dealt mainly in buying and selling of any cryptocurrency from anywhere, it has also gone forward to provide Bitcoin Wallets for its teeming customers.
That being the case, as their customer, you have access to store your Bitcoin in their secure systems as well as transact with your Bitcoin (buy, sell and receive).
You can also access your wallet from anywhere in the world.

2) Luno Bitcoin Wallet:

Luno is one of the most popular bitcoin wallet providers in Nigeria, even though it is a South-African company. Known formerly as Bitx wallet, It’s platform has an user-friendly interface which has made it one of the fastest means to buy Bitcoin in Nigeria. Along with its provision of Bitcoin wallet for Nigerian users, it also offers Bitcoin trading. You can sign up for a Luno account at


Satowallet is also among the trusted providers for bitcoin wallet transactions in Nigeria. It is an open source IOS and Android wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrency transactions as well as gain access to blockchain without locally storing it.
They also offer buying and selling of bitcoin, multiple wallet systems and free transactions between satowallet users.


This is another highly secured Bitcoin Wallet and exchange site used in at least 32 countries. It’s easy to use, and it’s escrow system has been tailored to use it’s feedback and reviews systems to enable you easily pick reliable and trustworthy sellers and buyers.


Among other services offered by Paxful, which includes Bitcoin Wallet, you can also buy bitcoin using Amazon gift cards, Western Union, PayPal and Vanilla Card. Though it’s Headquarters is in the United States, it’s services are used in many countries all the globe.

6) NairaEx:
NairaEx is unarguably one of the largest Bitcoin exchange in Nigeria. It offers Bitcoin Wallet services too, and its customers can buy bitcoins using bank transfer, Perfect Money or bank deposit. You can sign up for a wallet at their website, and login to your account in order to start enjoying their services.

7) Wallet:
Even though this is not a Nigerian Bitcoin Wallet provider, nevertheless, it is one of the oldest and most secured Bitcoin wallet provider in the world. However, you cannot buy and sell in Blockchain, making it one of the most secure, since it’s main focus is just to hold of store your Bitcoins. You can click here to register for a blockchain wallet 

8) Bitcoin Wallet:
This list will not be complete without the addition of Bitcoin Wallet. It is the first Bitcoin wallet to enter the internet. It is the most Bitcoin Wallet mobile Bitcoin wallet due to the fact that it connects to the Bitcoin network directly.
It has an appealing user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners to learn with.

9) Coinbase:
This is not a Nigerian owned Bitcoin Wallet provider, but it’s worldwide customer base of over 2.1 million users makes it a big player in the Bitcoin Wallet market.

NB: Each listed bitcoin wallet provider has its own advantage and disadvantage, so do your research well to know which one is best for you to store your bitcoin!