Get Barter Virtual Dollar Card to Send & Receive Money Worldwide

If there’s one problem Nigerian individuals and businesses face today, it’s making international payments using their debit cards. With the various limits imposed by the CBN and financial banks in the country, making international payments, especially in foreign currencies, is becoming more of a hassle.

Well, if you’re looking for a convenient means of sending international payments or even receiving, there’s the Barter virtual dollar card you might use.

This card can be used as any other card. The only difference from it and the regular credit/debit cards is that it is digital.

If you’re not familiar with this card and how to go about it, this article will walk you through all you need to know.

About Barter
Barter is an e-wallet and e-payment service made available by Flutterwave, one of the prominent FinTech companies in Nigeria. It is available on web and also as mobile apps on Android and iOS. All you have to do is to download and create an account.

With Barter, you can save money, send & receive money anywhere in the world free of charge, request money, pay bills, make purchases, and many more.

You can request for a barter virtual dollar card linked to your account which you can use to make payments, and it takes only a few minutes to get this done.

How to get a Barter Virtual Dollar Card
From your Barter dashboard, the first thing you have to do is to fund your account. You can deposit money into your Barter account by paying with your debit card or a bank transfer.

Once deposit is confirmed, click on Create A New Card from your dashboard. There are two types of virtual dollar cards you can create using Barter.

The first is the multifunctional card. With this card you can make purchases and payments on any website or platform.

The second is a custom card for making payments on specific platforms. For instance, you can create a virtual dollar card for just Netflix payments, ShowMax payments, Spotify Payments, etc.

After selecting your card type, enter the amount you want to fund your account with and confirm. You can create multiple virtual dollar cards for multiple payments.

Barter Virtual Card For Business
If you’re a business, you can create and issue several cards to your users using the Barter API. This API supports issuance of virtual VISA and MasterCard and they are instantly linked to customers’ mobile wallets.

It is also applicable to businesses teams. You can create custom cards for your employees and partners to make payments on various online platforms.

You have more of an advantage if your business already uses Flutterwave as it’s easy to integrate the Barter API from Flutterwave business dashboard to create virtual dollar cards.

Flutterwave aims to change the way finance is done in Nigeria by making it easier for businesses to receive and send money. Barter is one way that can be achieved as with the virtual dollar card, Nigerians can worry less about making international payments.