Best List of Virtual Card for Online Payment in Nigeria

Are you having difficulties making online payments with your bank debit card? Most especially, when you’re making an international payment that involves foreign currencies, Nigerian bank cards have various set limits. Fortunately, there’s a quick solution.

You don’t have to always make use of bank issued cards. Online payments can be conveniently done using virtual cards. These cards are digital debit/credit cards that are hosted online.

They are not physical cards like the ATM card you hold hence, you cannot use them with an ATM machine. The cards can only be used for online payments.

They go with e-wallets and digital payment platforms where you can deposit and save money and any transaction made using these virtual cards will be charged from the associated e-wallet.

Here, I’ll be showing you the best virtual cards for online payments in Nigeria.

ALAT Virtual Card
ALAT is a digital money platform launched by one of Nigeria’s top commercial banks, Wema Bank. Alat is most recommended for Wema Bank customers as it’s easy to fund accounts directly from Wema Bank account.

With ALAT, you can request for a virtual dollar card easily. The option is featured in the dashboard menu, just select Cards and enter all required details.

Barter Virtual Card
Barter is a product of Nigeria‘s leading eCommerce service provider, Flutterwave. Flutterwave is helping Nigerians launch their online stores on their platform free of charge and with Barter, it gets easier.

You can easily create a Barter card online or you download the mobile apps. Then you can create a virtual card for multi-payments or specific payments.

Patricia Virtual Card
This is one for crypto lovers. If you’re one of the new generation Nigerians using Bitcoin, Patricia offers a free bitcoin debit card you can use. This is the first of its kind, not in Nigeria alone but Africa.

If you have a bitcoin wallet with Patricia, simply request for a virtual card from your dashboard. Upon activation, you can make online payments in BTC using the card. The card is automatically linked to your Patricia bitcoin wallet address so any transaction you make is charged from there.

Wallets Africa Virtual Card
Wallets Africa is renowned, having worked with industry big names such as EcoBank, Flutterwave, ProvidusBank, and Visa.

You can create a Visa or Verve virtual card on Wallets Africa. It’s noteworthy that the Verve card is for local payments alone while the Visa card will work for local and international payments.

Furthermore, you can create virtual cards for specific payments such as Netflix subscriptions, Spotify subscriptions, etc. A multi-use virtual card can be created too.

Now, you know the best virtual cards for online payments in Nigeria. All you have to do is to register on the hosted platform to own an account/e-wallet, fund it, request for a card and you’re good to go. You can make use of the card details to make both local and international payments on any website.