Global Link Money transfer to Nigeria

Global Link Money Transfer is a UK based Money Transfer platform with a renowned reputation in currency market. The main company is Small World Financial Services but it operates with other brand names in different countries which includes;

  • UNO Money – Spain and Italy
  • Global Link – United Kingdom
  • Universal de EnvĂ­os – Spain
  • Choice – Canada, United States of America (USA) and Spain
  • Swiss Transfers – Switzerland
  • LCC – Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France, Ireland, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Portugal and United Kingdom
  • Express Funds – United Kingdom

The company was founded in 2005 by Nick Day, – who happens to be its current CEO – Michael Kent, along with three other co-founders. Their money transfer service is trusted, fast and secure and they do not have expensive charges attached to it.

Reasons why you should trust Global Link Money Transfer Service

  • The company is officially licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to send money to Nigeria
  • Sending money is fast and you can send directly to any Nigerian Bank
  • You can pay for your transfer using Bank Transfer method or your debit card
  • Exchange rates are fair and no hidden fees is charged

How to Transfer Money to Nigeria using Global Link Money Transfer

Global Link Money Transfer offers and easy and hassle free method for you to transfer money to Nigeria. You can do so by following the below steps;

  • Visit and Sign up on the Global link website. You need just an email address and password to create an account (You can also easily register an account with your Facebook)
  • Click on Money Transfer
  • Input all needed details – Your country of residence and country of recipient.
  • Input the amount you are sending and check the exchange rate so you know exactly how much your recipient is receiving
  • Make your payment, confirm every detail and complete the transaction.

Within 15 minutes, the money will be available for the recipient to pick up, you will have to provide the recipient with the MTCN. If you are sending directly to the recipient Bank account, it may take few hours for it to be completed. You can also send your money by visiting any Global Link store or agent locations.

One other feature is the Mobility Service, the service allows staffs to pick up your money from your home and send it to your recipient. This service is usually available to customers who have limited access to internet access and access to the company’s branches and locations.