How to send money from India to Nigeria

Sending money from your country to another country can be stressful and challenging for you especially if you do not know how to process and make international payments. There are reliable and trusted ways for people to send money from India to Nigeria; these ways can be online and offline but in this guide, we would only give you the options on how you can send money online from India to Nigeria. The obvious reason is that online payment helps to eliminate delay and unnecessary glitches caused by middlemen and the exchange rate.

If you work in India and you transact business with Nigerians and Nigerian residents, you’ll be able to know how to send money from your very location in India to any bank in Nigeria. With different methods and ways to make international payments, you would discover that sending money between international countries such as India and Nigeria has never been this easier. However, some are expensive while some are moderate.

For instance, if you should send money from India through MoneyGram or Western Union, you will not encounter any problems in cashing out the funds in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Abuja and other major cities across the countries. You can choose any financial company to help you with the transfers but the two most common methods of processing international payments are MoneyGram and Western Union.

How To Send Money Through Western Union

Western Union is one of the best payments channels for sending money online. Western Union has many locations in Nigeria and India. This is why Indians will not overcome problems when it comes to sending money to Nigeria with the Western Union.

Step 1. Visit the Western Union to find the nearest office or location around you or you make use of their website to transfer the funds.

Step 2. Bring a piece of identification (such as a document or an ID card or passport) with your cash.

Step 3. Ensure that you know the details of the recipient such as his phone number, his name and some other essential details.

Step 4. You would be given a form which you have to fill. On the form, you will be required to enter the funds’ amount, the name and other information of the recipient.

Step 5. Once this transaction is made (whether online or in their office), you would receive a secret MTCN code.

Step 6. You would let the receiver know the MTCN code (for reference purposes).

Step 7. The recipient who is already in Nigeria would be able to track the code and know when the money is ready. Also, your recipient would need to bring a piece of identification (ID card or any other document) in order for him or her for receiving the cash.


MoneyGram is another method in which you can send money from India into Nigeria. MoneyGram is a money transfer company domiciled in the United States (U.S). It has its own headquarters in Dallas, Texas and has its outlets & offices in other countries of the world.

For you to send money through MoneyGram, you have to find any MoneyGram agent in India. Take your cash along with documents for identification. After that, you would be given a ‘send money’ form which you have to fill and complete.

On that form, you would write down the recipient’s name and other details such as the amount of the money to be paid. You would be given a tracking number which you will provide to the recipient of the funds. After that, the recipient could go to any bank with the special code & identification documents to receive the cash.

Both methods (Western Union and MoneyGram) are reliable money transfer companies which are available in Nigeria and India, you can make use of any of them.