How to do Radio Adverts in Nigeria

Advertising is gold when it comes to marketing. We have various forms of advertising including digital advertising on the internet, newspaper adverts, TV, and radio stations adverts, amongst the rest. Our focus in this article, however, is on radio adverts and we’ll be discussing how to do radio adverts in Nigeria.

As a new business or company in Nigeria, looking to create brand awareness, advertising on radio stations is ideal. Entertainers, most especially music artists to be precise, usually actuate radio adverts to promote their new songs or upcoming events.

Whatever is your reason for wanting to run a radio advert, the good thing is that it isn’t difficult and it also isn’t too expensive. Most radio stations have relatively low-cost ads rates although it depends on the number of minutes the ad will run. Here’s how to go about it.

⦁ Decide on your advert type
This is the first thing to do before even contacting the radio station. Different types of radio adverts are aired daily. Some are prerecorded and often replayed from time to time while some are done live and for just one-time. Which are you going for? Are you going to need music? Are you employing a voice over artiste? etc. These and more questions should be answered here. It’s more like creating an ad campaign plan.

⦁ Contact the radio station
Contacting the radio station for an advert request is the next step. You might have a particular station of interest or you simply go for the most popular radio station that your audience listens to. Note that popular radio stations often tender high ad rates. Most radio stations can be contacted by phone, email, or you visit their office. Radio stations often read out their advert contact channels and rates or you can get them from their website. Decide on the ad type, ad runtime, cost, etc.

⦁ Prepare your advert
The reason why you have to contact the radio station before preparing your advert is to be sure that they’ll accept it. Your ad might be promoting a kind of music, business, or event that most radio stations won’t allow hence to avoid wasting resources. Now that you’ve gotten the green light from the radio station(s), you can proceed to prepare your advert. Radio adverts are audio adverts, so endeavor to make use of a good studio for recording so you have quality sound.

⦁ Submit
Here’s the end of it. Submit your prepared advert, make payment, and your ad is ready to be aired. You need to work on an ingenious means of monitoring your ad to ensure you’re getting value for your money.

Bottom Line
That’s how you can easily run radio adverts in Nigeria. As mentioned earlier, the process is not a difficult one provided you have the money for it. However, for something that involves money, you’ll always want returns i.e the advert should bring you leads. Hence, you should ensure that you create quality adverts.