How to Make a Stripe Payment in Nigeria

Stripe is one of the many available ways of sending and receiving payments online. Using the platform is easy as it is just like any other online payment platform.

To make a stripe payment in Nigeria, you need an international credit/debit card (MasterCard or VISA) or an ApplePay card for iOS users. You can make a stripe payments with these cards on any website that features stripe as a payment method. Once on the payment page, this is what to do;

⦁ Enter your correct e-mail address (your payment receipt will be sent there)
⦁ Provide your card information (Card Number, Expiry Date, and CVC)
⦁ Enter the name on your card
⦁ Select your country or region (Nigeria in this case)
⦁ Click on pay

On the next page, a one-time password (OTP) will be requested. This password will be sent as an SMS to the phone number registered with your debit card, simply enter it to authenticate the transaction.

For those who would want to receive payment with the stripe payment gateway on their e-commerce website, you can do so by creating a stripe account and setting it up to accept payment. How do you create an account, it is easy;

⦁ Visit and click on start now
⦁ Provide your details as requested (most importantly email and password)
⦁ Verify your email via the verification mail sent to you
⦁ Finish

You have successfully created a stripe account, now this is how to set it up to receive payments;

⦁ Login to your account with your email and password
⦁ From the left hand side of your dashboard, switch your account from Test to Live
⦁ A pop up will be displayed, click on Activate
⦁ Fill the provided form with your correct business details. At the bottom, click on activate again
⦁ Click on the Your Account tab and select Account settings
⦁ Click on API keys and copy the Live Select Key
⦁ Login to your e-commerce site dashboard and into your settings
⦁ Select Stripe as your credit card processor
⦁ Enter the Live Select Key into the API Secret Key section on the Stripe settings
⦁ Save settings

That is all, you can customize every other thing from your stripe dashboard. Money paid to you via stripe will be deposited into your stripe and you can withdraw it directly to your bank account. In using this, some charges apply and deposits takes a few days to be processed.

With stripe, you can easily make payments with credit cards and also accept payment from others with credit cards. The platform is fast and secure so it is totally ok to use.