SEO Tips for your Website or Blog in Nigeria

Do you have a website or blog and it is not performing well in SERPs? It could be because it is not well optimized for search engines to crawl and index it easily. If that is the case, below are some proven SEO tips to help you;

Watch your site design: your site design has a huge impact on your blogs’ SEO, if your site has a complicated design, your search engine rankings will be affected. Try to keep your blog design simple such that it is easy for search bots to navigate through so that they can understand the content of your blog.

Watch your site speed: this goes hand in hand with your site design, sites that load fast has a high chance of ranking higher than those that load slowly. On average, your site page should load in 3 seconds, the faster the loading speed the better. Site speed is not only important for SEO but its also important to maintain blog visitors.

Publish quality content: of course for your site to rank, you need to publish contents, not just contents but quality contents. Blog posts with a high word count rank better than those with lesser words, on average a blog article, should be up to 300 words. Try to publish articles with high word count but do not fluff or waste words, your content should be concise.

Keyword usage: the way you use your targeted keywords on your blog post determines if it will rank for it or not. One thing you should know is that using a particular keyword many times on a particular post will actually get you penalized instead of boosting your SEO. Your keyword should appear in your title, a maximum of 2 times in 500 words and thrice in 1,000 words; do not overdo it. Also, implement your keyword in your image alt text and meta description.

Permalink structure: permalink is your blog link and it needs to be optimized for better SEO ranking. If you use blogger, there is less you can do to change your permalink structure but for WordPress users, you can do more. Whichever one, just ensure your permalink is not too long and it contains your major keyword.

Internal/External links: linking to other sites and to your other blog pages can positively affect your SEO. To search engines, this shows that your content is reliable especially when you link to higher websites. Linking to your other blog posts will act as a backlink and possibly boost the ranking of that particular post.

Build Backlinks: to rank better on search engines (Google especially), you need backlinks. This is simply links on other sites that direct others to your website. You can get them in different ways both paid and unpaid. The most important thing is to get backlinks from high authority websites, backlinks from smaller websites might affect your blogs’ SEO negatively.

Submit your site pages to search engines: you should not always wait for search engines to crawl and index your site, you can submit your pages to them and request for indexing. You can do this using Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools. It is either you submit pages individually or you create and submit your blogs’ site map.

SEO is a very important aspect of every blog’s success, do it well and you win. It can seem to be very broad and difficult but by following the tips above, your blogs’ SEO will surely improve.