How to start pure water business in Nigeria

Pure water business has been identified as one of the lucrative businesses you can do in Nigeria. A legendary Nigerian musician once said, ‘Water No Get Enemy’. Everyone uses water to cook, drink, eat, laundry etc. Pure water is cheap, portable and common in Nigeria. Almost everyone uses it to quench their thirst. A large part of the Nigerian population drinks sachet water, therefore, this is a big market for you to do business.

Notable companies such as May and Baker, Eva and the Nigerian Bottling Company have been in this business for years. Do you wish to invest in pure water business? If you get it right, you can set up this business and rake in lots of profits.
We have prepared a guide that will help you start pure water business in Nigeria. This post gives you a rundown on what you need to know when venturing in the pure water business.

1. Prepare a Business Plan
First things first, you have to develop and create a business plan. The business plan is a report that elucidates the business you intend to start, it prepares you and can also make your business a successful one.
When crafting a business plan, you are expected to cover the market research, cost of production, marketing and advertising, aims and objectives, strategies etc. Besides, you can consult a professional business consultant to prepare a business plan for you.

2. Register Your Business
For accountability and professionalism, you must register your business with the CAC. Since you are dealing with edibles and drinkables, you are to obtain NAFDAC license for your pure water factory.

3. Location
Depending on the scale of business, acquire the right plot of land that should be enough for you. The prices of land vary – depending on the area, state and location.
If you have a land, you should begin commencing on plans to construct your factory. Sink a borehole and install a distillation system to purify the water you produce. The cost of constructing a borehole and installing a distillation facility for water purification could run into millions of naira.
If the cost is exorbitant for you, you can consider other forms of purification to remove waterborne organisms and bacteria. However, distillation is the best water purification method.

4. Purchase Automatic Sealing Machines
Getting an automatic sealing machine is a must in this business. One machine is efficient and can handle your daily normal production.

5. Purchase Equipment
Get nylon materials to package your water, the nylon materials must carry your company’s name on it. Also, hire or buy a supply truck for the supply and delivery of your products. Ensure that you have a constant supply of electricity in your factory. Buying a generator set will be a great idea to provide you with power when there is a power outage.

6. Employ Staff
When you are set, go on to recruit staff and workers to fill in positions in your company. You can employ cleaners, drivers, supervisors, managers, machine operators, and a marketer.

Bottom Line
Starting a pure water business is great, however, you must cross some bridges to become successful and make a reasonable amount of money. Whichever scale you intend to do, ensure that you have a business plan that backs you up.